Asuka Langley SORYU

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TsumiMitzuki Aug 22, 2018

thank senjougahara for subverting the typical tsundere trope.

Darzeele Jun 22, 2018

If I had to spend at least 10 seconds with her, I'd more than likely end up wanting to jump off a cliff. Annoying, bitchy cow who never stops complaining and is a major hypocritical tsundere.

arianagrxnde Jun 21, 2018

hun pls one look at ur profile pic and i can see the only thing you value about female characters is their fanservice qualities asuka is 3deep5u

TheRogueStudent Jun 11, 2018

Shittest Tsundere ever

loritorinco May 2, 2018

This comment section leaves me kinda hopeless. I can see why she can be a bit cranky at times but eh, from what I see, everyone sees her as the pioneer of tsunderes. =/