Asuka Langley SORYU

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DeviousRunaway Apr 29, 2016

There's a thin line between being a cute lovable tsundere and being an annoying attention seeking whiny bitch.  She has ran past that line so far that she can't even see it anymore.  The line is a dot to her.  I just learned a bit more about her past and I have zero sympathy for her. She chose to live the life she is living on her own, she has no right to complain now. 

goshesta Apr 8, 2016

Deconstruction of tsundere.

LissyB Mar 8, 2016

She was so annoying. Not a pleasant character.

Her English dubbing voice was atrocious. My ears almost started to bleed.

MariaTimeBomb Aug 16, 2015

Although she got a bit better towards the end,her character was just so irritating.One of my most hated characters,to be honest. Are all tsunderes so annoying?