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Momomiya Ichigo was just trying to enjoy a date with the boy she liked, Aoyama Masaya.  Instead, she ended up conscripted into a struggle against aliens intent on wiping humanity from the earth!  The Mew Project has infused five young girls with the DNA of endangered creatures, and given them special powers to fight chimera anima, earth animals transformed into monsters by alien parasites. Somehow, Ichigo has to get her teammates to work together, battle chimera anima, and fend off the attacks (and advances?) of the aliens themselves. And that's in addition to keeping her identity secret and improving her relationship with Masaya. Not to mention, just who is that mysterious Blue Knight anyway?

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If you've heard about Tokyo Mew Mew and were planning on watching this remake to learn about an old classic....don't. Check out the original instead. I've seen bits of the original dubbed series, and read all of the manga, and this show doesn't have the vibes I was hoping for. While the animation is obviously a huge upgrade, I'm not sure if anything else was. Story Rushed. Rushed is the one word summary of the first six-ish episodes. Not sure why there was such a hurry because this is a multi-season show, but the first chunk of this show was a mess. The first four episodes were so focused on introducing the characters as fast as possible, they jumped erratically and very suddenly from scene to scene without any proper transitions/pacing, giving the episodes a jarring feeling. It felt like full scenes were missing. Luckily after the mid-way point, the pacing slows down, allowing the scenes to breath properly. Hopefully this won't be an issue in the second season. Other than that glaring problem, the story is okay, if somewhat generic, for a magical girl series. It follows the original manga fairly closely, but is more condensed than the original anime series (which created enough content to make it to 50 episodes). Tokyo Mew Mew New is about five who are injected with ~science~ to allow them to transform into magical girls themed after endangered animals. Their purpose is to defeat the evil aliens who want to pollute the earth for some vague reason. The premise is based on environmental activism, but that theme is lost after the first episode. Mostly it's typically Sailor-Moon-monster-of-the-week episodes. The last two episodes were probably the best ones,I enjoyed them. One of my favorite parts about the plot is Ichigo/Masaya's relationship. It actually developes like a normal relationship and cuts out the bullshit most anime dives into. Right from the begining they casually start dating, without the awkward situations anime tend to put their would-be couples through. No constant crying over boys like Sailor Moon. They vaguely hint at a possible love triangle, but don't do much with it in this season. Animation Obviously a big upgrade over the original season. They dull down the neon colors to make the character designs more visually apealing. However, there were consistency issues. Sometimes the animation was detailed, not amazing but decent, while other times characters lost details and quality. But it wasn't noticeably bad. Characters Due to the messy first half of the show, we didn't get great character intros. They were oversimplified to get through each characters' introduction as fast as possible. And of course, since it's a 20-year old magical girl show, their personalilties are a bit generic (shy book girl, rich girl, loner girl, etc), so don't expect much there. There is a bit of character development, but not much. I do however, love the designs of their magical girl outfits. It's probably based on nostalgia, but I like their simplistic animal-based designs because they don't have a million colors/bows/ribbons. The triangle-based trim is the only weird choice. Overall Overall, this remake is a solid "okay". Not amazing, not terrible. I haven't seen it in a while, but I remember the original show being more energetic and fun. This one lacks charm and depth, and the first half is a bit of a mess. However, it manages to recover at the end. Hopefully that's a good sign for the second season, but I wish as much planning was put into this season.


Tokyo Mew Mew New~❤ Infused with the DNA of endangered animals, five young sugary sweet girls fight monsters mutated by aliens. Ichigo Momomiya just wants a normal school life and a boyfriend, but then she is thrown into saving the world from monsters and finding the other four Mew Mews.  💐🌸🌸🍀🍀   🍀🍀🌸🌸💐 I love this series, I want to give this a 10/10 because I personlly enjoy it, but just because I'm in love with it, doesn't mean I'm blind to it's faults. If only. 😩 I felt the urge to write this review after checking out Kish's character profile. Some hate hate him, while most like him.  🚩🚩🚩🚩 MINOR SPOLIERS 🚩🚩🚩🚩 Ready or not... 1... 2... 3... Plot holes kill me. Since this is a cheery little strawberry shortcake type of show, I learn to ignore things that don't make sense. After all, this is a remake of a beloved child's show I grew up with.  Some fans of the show have a problem with Kish's personality. I wouldn't want him to be a real person, but this is just anime. A lot of anime and manga have much worse things in them. He's certainly flawed, but only for the sake of being interesting. As usual, many criticize one character's behavior, and maybe rightfully so, yet completely ignore bigger, worse issues.  The enitre premise of the show and manga is that five girls are infused with animal DNA in order to fight monsters. That seems fine, but if you think about it, who in their right mind would work for the same people that modified their DNA without their permission?   PG-13.  Season 2, or Part Two is slated for Spring 2023. 

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