Tokyo Mew Mew

Vol: 7; Ch: 32
2000 - 2002
3.409 out of 5 from 1,570 votes
Rank #32,060
Tokyo Mew Mew

Momomiya Ichigo was just trying to enjoy a date with the boy she liked, Aoyama Masaya.  Instead, she ended up conscripted into a struggle against aliens intent on wiping humanity from the earth!  The Mew Project has infused five young girls with the DNA of endangered creatures, and given them special powers to fight chimera anima, earth animals transformed into monsters by alien parasites. Somehow, Ichigo has to get her teammates to work together, battle chimera anima, and fend off the attacks (and advances?) of the aliens themselves. And that's in addition to keeping her identity secret and improving her relationship with Masaya. Not to mention, just who is that mysterious Blue Knight anyway?

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This is actually a really cute manga. It’s the basic magical girl with a little underlining factor of endangered species. It’s not a bad mix actually in that the characters all have characteristics of the species but sadly it ends there. The girls don’t have attacks that symbolize the animals they were injected with and the colors also don’t feel like they make the cut. For a show that keeps talking about the characters given power from endangered species, they should have put a little more into it. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the manga. The characters are loveable; the names actually are rather remember-able (although I don’t understand why someone would call their child lettuce or mint of all things. Must be better in Japanese), and the storyline is pretty cool to get into. You do get to a point where you are wondering just who the bad guy is but if I explain why, I would be spoiling things. When the girls are together, they act just like a regular group of friends and seem to have even more chemistry then even the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. It reminds the reader that even though they have been given super powers, it doesn’t mean they aren’t normal girls and won’t use their power for personal gain. I can only wish that some of the drama was taken out so that we could see more of the characters. It circles a lot around Ichigo and I would have liked to see more of the other girls too. The drama with Ichigo and the ‘love triangle’ just gets over used at times. The artwork was rather cutesy but in a way, I liked it better then some of the older manga’s I read where magical girls were involved. The designs of the girls clothing are out of this world and show off a cute style while still playing to the sexy in a way. The strokes are fluid throughout the manga books, and the way it’s laid out is rather perfect for the action that is placed in it.

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