Tokyo Mew Mew New~♡ 2nd Season

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The second season of Tokyo Mew Mew New~♡.

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Now that the revised second run of Tokyo Mew Mew New has submitted its results, it all boils down to how it compared with the original 51-episode 2002 event.  There are pros and there are cons.  When it was apparent that the storyline made a grand shift with the revealing of Deep Blue's complex background (I mean, Ichigo attacking the four Mew Mews in a confusing effort to rescue Aoyama ... ouch!).  The 2002 TMM resolved this in the last two episodes; the 2023 TMMN got down to emotional meltdowns through the last three episodes.  And all to get that ‘satisfying’ conclusion.  The question persists: DID THEY? The 2002 product presented a conflict of characters between Aoyama/Deep Blue along with the Shirogane/Blue Knight blending of personalities.  The 2023 effort tried to 'simplify' this muddle of characters: Aoyama is the Blue Knight is Deep Blue but is not Shirogane.  Got that?  I’m not repeating this!  This 'simplification' was based on the basic protectionist reflex Aoyama had with Ichigo extended to the mysterious persona of Blue Knight was the converse of the villainous Deep Blue.  Stuff that modern feminism would detest.  With all this psychosis perking about, there was more rationality with the earlier version.  It was impractical however you slice it.  You can argue whether the 2023 TMMN improved this facet of the story.  But, bad is bad. So, it boils down to which version gave the better presentation.  This is hard, since both had their bright points and ... well, neither one was a perfect effort. In my humble opinion, a 2002 Chimera Anima could crunch the 2022-23 Chimera Anima. Characters better in the 2002 series:  Pudin, Lettuce, Zakuro (2023 tries to make the loner-idol into some kind of crusty marshmallow), Deep Blue (the 2023 villain did not have that 'utterly hated by everyone' dynamism ... a real milquetoast), Kish (2023 made this jerk of an alien almost sympathetic). Characters better in the 2023:  Ichigo (far less ditzy than the 2002 heroine), Mint (much more than the 2002 spoiled brat with ballerina skills), Pie (if not for him picking up the sadistic sense of Deep Blue, there'd be no one to loathe in this version), Shirogane (attracted more to Lettuce than Ichigo ... better taste in struggling women-types). Equal:  Aoyama (still the ecologically dedicated hunk), Akasaka (equally gifted in charm and politeness), Tart (still that unlovable, dangerous punk that only Pudin could love). Remember: IMHO. If there is anything to differentiate between the two TMM's, the 2022-23 double season intensified the ecological message with the added dimension of climate change along with the original concern for endangered species.  But it presented an almost radical commitment to saving the planet ... or else!  The last episode of 2023 offered a vision of a pristine planet which many felt was being preserved in the 'reduce, reuse, recycle' mentality of the last decades of the past millennium.  The problems persist ... which might bring on Tokyo Mew Mew Ultra-New in 2042.  We might hope.  Perhaps an redoubled commitment to the environment might prevent this. In 2002, the Mew Mews were poised for a new opponent at season’s end.  In 2023, the Mew Mews disband ... even though the fight they have been fighting must continue.  Ending by working in a maid cafe ... some sort of status quo needs to make for a 'happy ending.' Granted, twenty years of animation innovations made for a better looking product.  The music and sound were comparable.  But the message of finding the solution of Mew Agua to save two planets ... the 2023 quest for the panacea was too far-fetched.  If it wasn’t for that sense of nostalgia …

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