Tokyo Mew Mew

Alt title: Mew Mew Power

TV (52 eps)
2002 - 2003
Spring 2002
3.017 out of 5 from 9,612 votes
Rank #5,250

Momomiya Ichigo was a normal girl, worried mostly about her crush, Aoyama Masaya. However, just as she was finally able to date him, she was struck by a mysterious beam and everything changed. She is now part of the Mew Project, genetically fused with an endangered species of cat. With her new powers and companions, she must protect the earth from invading aliens.

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nasreen10's avatar
nasreen10 Jan 29, 2010
Score 3/10

Story: Up to date, this has to be the worst anime that I have seen. I do not know what kept me from stopping because I have little good to say about this and I am incredibly embarrassed to have say I have seen all 50 something episodes. It started off badly and ended that way with a plethora of fillers in middle. It's like a crap sandwich with stale bread so to speak. Fillers have little point and... read more

Iceyflower's avatar
Iceyflower Jun 9, 2015
Score 10/10

Tokyo MewMew isn't a popular anime, I know.  But I love it, its amazing. WARNING-CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS Story-Its all around the scene of 'true love'.  I cower.  I dont like extremly serious with love animes like this, but there were some parts that were just funny-well, with Ryou and Ichigo and Kishhu and Ichigo, yeah that was cute.  Maybe its just that I dont find Ayoama enjoyable... read more

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