Re: Cutie Honey

Alt title: Re: Cutey Honey

OVA (3 eps x 45 min)
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A heartless and greedy group named Panther Claw is terrorizing the city, in hopes of achieving a device that will give them all the luxuries they desire. Panther Claw is too much for the Japanese police force to handle, but luckily a new hero has arrived: Cutie Honey! Honey Kisaragi is an android created by Professor Kisaragi, whom also claims to be her father. However, Cutie witnesses the death of her father and she swears revenge. With a touch of her collar, she is able to disguise herself as Cutie Honey - a fearless warrior fighting for love!

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Re: Cutie Honey consists of 3 fast paced OVAs with fun characters and a rule of cool storyline all presented with artistic animation that was way ahead of its time. What makes these OVAs really special is the number of popular names that are credited for these episodes. Episode 1 was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, most known for his directorial work with Studio Trigger, for example Gurren Lagaan, Kill La Kill and most recently Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Episode 2 was directed by Naoyuki Ito, who went on to direct Overlord and other Madhouse anime. But most importantly, episode 3 was directed by Hideaki Anno, the director of the Evangelion franchise. With three of the industry’s big names involved in the visual presentation aspect of this anime, you can tell that these OVAs are going to be a feast for the eyes. The plot however is less noteworthy, consisting mostly of the cartoony evil bad guys terrorizing a town that our superhero Cutie Honey has to save. The first two episodes are mostly filled with ecchi jokes and cool battles, although entertaining, lack much substance. That’s until the third episode which since directed by Hideaki Anno, explores themes of isolation and identity which may come off as pretentious considering the tone of the previous two episodes. The characters are colorful and lively and do undergo character development throughout the OVAs. Most of all, they’re a lot of fun, as they’re charismatic and have some human elements which increase their relatability. Overall, the characters aren’t amazing but they’re much better than you’d expect from a fanservice action OVA series. That brings me to the next point: the fanservice. These OVAs are filled with it, from skimpy character designs to characters losing clothes in battle, and there’s even some yuri scenes in there for the yuri fans. However, unlike most anime, this show handles fanservice very well. The pace of the storyline and action is never hindered by it and isn’t used to dehumanize the female characters; rather, it empowers them. Of course, those who don’t like ecchi will still not enjoy it. Nevertheless, people like me, who don’t mind when fanservice is used artistically, will appreciate how it’s never overdone and how it never interferes with the pacing or clashes with the tone. To sum it all up, Re: Cutie Honey stands out as a highly memorable OVA series, thanks to its accomplished directorial team and its high-octane, stylized action paired with tasteful fanservice. With only three episodes, it’s not much of a time investment. So, if what I described above appeals to you, I fully recommend giving this anime a try. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Final Scorings Animation: 10/10 Artstyle + 2 (Unique) Consistency + 2 (Consistent) Backgrounds + 2 (Artistic) Sakuga + 2 (Great fight animations) Directing + 2 (Artistic)      Sound: 7/10   Voice acting + 1 (Standard) Soundtrack + 2 (Cool) Sound effects + 1 (Standard) OP/ED + 2 (Catchy) Purposefulness + 1 (Standard)     Story: 7/10   Premise/Setting + 2 (Rule of cool action) Pacing + 2 (Fast) Plausibility + 0 (None) Themes + 1 (Only in episode 3) Conclusion + 2 (Solid)      Characters: 9/10   Personality/Presence + 2 (Well-developed/Captivating) Motivations + 1 (Defend the city) Interpersonal Dynamics + 2 (Quirky) Development + 2 (Solid) Appeal + 2 (Sexy)      Enjoyment: 9/10 (The fast-paced action and fanservice kept things entertaining)      Overall Score: 8.4/10 ~ 8/10

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