Cutie Honey Universe

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Cutie Honey Universe

Cutey Honey is an android created by Prof. Kisaragi. Within her is the 'Fixed System of Air Elements', a device that can create anything out of air. The evil organization Panther Claw desires this device. While trying to steal it, they kill Prof. Kisaragi. Now furious, Honey makes a vow to get revenge, and destory the Panther Claw.

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senshikoi Oct 7, 2018
Score 8.8/10

So whilst the main focus regarding Go Nagai series was on the new Devilman series, Devilman Crybaby, a new version of one of his other properties came out of the woodwork also to mark the recent aniversary (Go Nagai's 50th Anniversary of being a mangaka), Cutey Honey Universe - I know it's Cutie Honey Universe, but I was exposed to the spelling I've used, on account of New Cutey Honey and Cutey Honey Flash, so... read more

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