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CelesteBlue Jan 2, 2021

Heyyy it has been a while (≧▽≦)/ I'm doing well what about you ?

It's no problem at all take your time to respond .... I know I know i had also a very hard  time in the last few months ugh adult life is a very tough thing (×﹏×) 

Ahhh one piece I haven't made any progress since our last conversation I was getting into the seasonal animes and hardly could finish them  .. It's a long story I had senior exams this year supposed to be September 2020 cuz of quarantine it was postponed I've finally become free 4 days ago*sigh* I was like a bird in a cage XD ... Really I'm in urgent need for rehabilitation again in an Otaku mood XD 

 I'll do my best well these days ┐(︶▽︶)┌ 

Yeah it's the big mom arc and the last episode I paused in was 922 I think I've reached wano arc that's supposed to be airing until now .. And it's soooo intriguing I love zoro sence in the first few episodes ❤ ... I think one pieces will be the best anime to be started with after my anime pausing for a very long time (◕‿◕)

Come to think of haikyuu there's an airing season for it  and i think it's the best time for you to start .. Especially if you don't have an idea about the characters it will be one if the best thing to watch for a sport genre and also with the hype this season o(≧▽≦)o 

*this orange sweet pie is Hinata that was my favorite one of all of the anime and still the top one for me \(^▽^)/ 

Hmm this season I only watch 3 animes ... Well the BEST ANIME  AND WONT EXAGGERATED AT ALL IF I SAY THAT  AKUDAMA DRIVE WAS THE HIDDEN GEM FOR ME in 2020 ... This anime made me really speechless and hyped did you watch it ? 

Also jujutsu kaisen it was something very interesting and couldn't ignore at all the fights in this anime are really awesome ! Mappa studio do a good job to give us this great production ... It deserves 10/10 tbh 

The third and the least in my score is wandering witch .. I've some issues and criticism to this anime but unexpectedly I enjoyed it may be the actions or the accidents were interesting and I like the production as a whole but the problem is with the protagonist very arrogant girl but the anime was ok but I don't recommend it tbh .. 

About my WTW list I've chosen Suzumiya Haruhi to start with ... Did you watch it ? I hope I won't regret for this choice XD 

And what about you ? Any good stuff you've picked lately? 

CelesteBlue Jun 11, 2020

Wow!! a poster of Ace  (╯✧▽✧)╯I have a poster for Ace too , it was a chance when I went to otaku store in my city that was the only one time I went xD rarely I go due to my faculty :3 I bought pins for ACE , LUFFY , and sure TRAFALGAR 🤗 I think I forget everything that I should buy except one piece haha  XD 

Me too !! I watch one piece these days at which I stopped a year ago the beginning of wano arc ,  you have 100 episodes left ... hmm you are at big mam arc then , Sanji is the best character in  that  arc he already cool anytime 😂 but I really love him at these episodes♡ I'm pretty sure you will have a great adventure at this island !..

my watching way of one piece depends on the amount of episodes if there are 50+ I will give myself a break from study and finish them although that sometimes put me in an exciting event haha but that make me feel exciting until I have a break again ! 

I also need to re-watch FMAB , this morning I 've watched AMV for it and that bring back memories <3 

Violet Evergarden movie ! Not yet , I only watched the side story that's the site I follow translated , but I heard that the movie  postponed :(  I hope it will aired soon 

Violet Evergarden is one of the most heartwarming anime at all also it takes the impact of historical anime which I adore ♡ even I thought to read the novel but I couldn't the great animation as usual from kyoto animation make me can't wait for the rest of the story from them 

Haha sports anime still remain the best genre I prefer anytime 

You watched koroko no basket great ! I will start it ASAP 

Haikyuu is masterpiece I can't give up it from re-watching it's simply great , comedy material , collection of cool guys and also interesting game ♡♡♡ oh that will make me watch it again 😂

The anime haven't finished yet but I heard the manga did , and also there's another season will come the next autumn <3 really can't wait , I'm sure you will like haikyuu , If you want to have a great sport anime then you should watch it .. it can't be missed at all <3 <3<3 

I also make that mistake lol end watching things I'm not sure I will like or not  keeping the anime that I will like aside T^T,  but may be that give us the experience to which anime worth to watch or not somehow I think..

MemeDere May 29, 2020

Lmaoooo I'm glad we're both super awkward then qwq

hewwo there !! i'm doing okay !! how about you?? :3

i'm glad you enjoy my profile but i really wanna redo/fix it up ;__; but i lack motivation to do so :c but im with you maybe some day we will fix our profiles up and make them OP B)

CelesteBlue May 13, 2020

You love trafalgar yaaay !♡ <

He is my favorite character in one piece , my first anime crush lol !

My favorite Anime at all is ONE PIECE ! .. I love Naruto of course and it was the first shonen I watched but one piece in my top one 

Sometimes I considered Naruto the best nostalgic Anime at all even just the soundtrack ♡ .. but one piece have a special part I'm my heart ^o^

Fullmetal alchemist  brotherhood too <3 <3 also one of my favourites 

Recently Natsume book of friends become one of them I really adore melodramatic stories :D like Violet Evergarden

I feel they are similar in this aspect tbh :3

What are anime genres you prefer ? 

to me the sports genre , I'm Haikyuu and Diamond no ace fan <3 <3 

CelesteBlue Apr 15, 2020

Yeah , I love your character list too  mix of great ones ♡_♡ 

You have watched Natsume book of friends that's great  

I'm currently watching it it's very beautiful anime and heart warming 

By the way What's your favourite anime ?