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previously known as themasteruwu and thatonefriend

i haven't updated this in forever and im too lazy to update it so my taste has changed alot since then lmao

⚠️warning: if you listen to kidz bop get lost⚠️

✨✨i dont give out any information abt myself so dont ask pls✨✨

1st of all im a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY devoted saiouma shipper so don't mess with me :>

2nd of all i love shonen anime like black clover mha tower of god that stuff (that's just my fav tho i watch all the genres)

3rd of all im a nice hacker but if im pissed i might hack you lmao

4th of all i respect weebs 

5th of all imagine listening to juice WRLD🤧

6th of all anime openings arent really my thing except re zero black clover and promised neverland

7th of all here are my top songs

heat waves - glass animals

bad habits - delaney jane

sugar - maroon 

genius - sia (and lots of other ppl)

guillotine - jon bellion

34+35 - ariana grande

stitches - shawn mendes

hooked - why don't we

dusk till dawn - sia, zayn

godzilla - eminem

misery - maroon5

light switch - charlie puth

this love - maroon5

leave a light on - tom walker

thats what i want - lil nas x

at my worst - pink sweat$

goosebumps - travis scott

cake by the ocean - dnce

swalla - nicki minaj

play date - melanie martinez

sucker - jonas brothers

shower - becky g

best friend - doja cat 

the last of the real ones - fall out boy

gasoline - halsey

whatever it takes - imagine dragons

horns - bryce fox

diana - 1 direction

boom clap - charlie xcx

s&m - rihanna

8th of all best anime petssssss (go ahead and cry idc)


9th of all tsukasa is precious😘💖

10th of all these are my top anime


11th of all im a shipper 100% and here are my top ships in order (yea i do ship too much from haikyuu get over it)


⚠️disclaimer: i dont hate on saimatsu. i hate the saiouma stans who bully them with a passion. please dont assume  that i hate saimatsu just bc i ship saiouma. the shipping war needs to stop. same goes for the saimatsu stans who bully saiouma. OMG LITERALLY EVERYONE WHO'S BEING TOXIC,, STOP.⚠️ i hate it so much that i have to put this warning at the end of all of my shipping lists bc some 😍very nice ppl😍 have decided to shit talk saimatsu and give all saiouma stans a bad rep. thanks so much for that, guys! we rlly fucking appreciate it!😄

12th of all don't trust me with secrets bc i love spilling tea ehehe😏👀🍵🍵~~

13th of all i love roasts and im deff not the type of person to cry if you call me a nerd or something XD

14th of all best girlsssssss 


15th of all here are my fav singers/bands

maroon 5 

nicki minaj

jason derulo


one direction

imagine dragons


charlie puth


snoop dogg

ariana grande

16th of all ik this is a rlly unpopular opinion but i dont rlly ship deku and eren w/ anyone specific pls dont kill me😭💀

17th of all i read dyfm deal with it lmao 

18th of all best boysssssss


19th of all how tf did you even find me AND read all the way to the bottom of this get a life ong🤣🤣

20th of all i change my pfp like every few days idek why

21st of all my fav digital artists: ixy, avogado6, drinkyourfuckingmilk, hyanna natsu, sun project, and snowiitea







21st of all if you follow me i always follow back XD

22nd of all 382650

23rd of all r u into knowing stuff abt the lives of ppl on the internet??🤚😃 r u creepy like that?? k bc ima say random shit abt myself:

-- i like anime duh XD

-- im online alot

-- i listen 2 too much music

-- i dont whine abt my life other than school

-- i follow random ppl alot 

-- did u think this had actual info abt me?? well damn-

⚠️PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ADDRESSING ME⚠️ i hate toxic shippers. more than anything. i hate them so much. i don't care if they ship the same thing as me i still HATE THEM. when i was 12 years old,, one of my closest friends got attacked and bullied to the point of suicide for her shipping tastes and i had to defend her before she actually tried to killed herself. tho she's fine rn,, ill NEVER forget that. ever since then,, i've decided that i won't ever do anything EVEN CLOSE to hating on a ship,, even if everyone around me seems to hate it. and also,, in her honor,, i defend anyone who gets attacked for their taste, no matter who they are. all toxic shippers are my enemies,, idgaf if they're on my side of the "war" or not. they disgust me. if you feel personally attacked by anyone on pinterest, deviantart, the fandom, quotev, or here on animeplanet, feel free to call me up. my accounts are linked to the websites. i'm sorry but for tiktok, snap, discord, insta, and twitter i keep my identity private tho. my goal is erasing all toxicity when it comes to shipping preferences,, tho ill probably never accomplish it. please do not hesitate to request help when it comes to shipping toxicity and hate. i'll be there :)

thx for reading my bio,, sorry that last paragraph got so dark lmaoaoao😭😭😭

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rinnyisrin Jul 16, 2023

not even a bad ship fr

BunnyGoddess Jun 18, 2023

Thx for the follow babe cakes xoxo. 

NaniTheFox Jun 13, 2023

thank you <3 been less active for quite some time sadly so sorry for the long wait for the follow back

Kaikyonmartin May 29, 2023

I think the difference is that their hair is parted differently! Hikaru"s hair is parted to the left and Kaoru's to the right.

VivisQueen Apr 26, 2023

Thank you for the kind compliments. Have a good day!