Kaname KURAN

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #248
Rank #79

Anime Roles

Vampire Knight Main
Vampire Knight: Gekiai no Portrait Secondary
Vampire Knight Guilty Main

Manga Roles

Vampire Knight Main
Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams (Light Novel) Minor
Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sin (Light Novel) Minor
Vampire Knight: Memories Minor

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PrincessFairy8 Nov 10, 2020

Okay the whole older brother fiancé plot twist was seriously shocking but I don't think it's fair to hate on him. Don't get me wrong, I don't support incest, but with the vampires in this anime, incest is a normal and acceptable thing and it's not fair for us to judge something in another culture just because it's not accepted in ours.

Sabrinarock Jul 28, 2020

Still don't get what Yuki sees in her brother. Kaname Kuran is a character I hate with such intensity and passion. I adore hating on him. How can you commit incest with your sister + descendant? Like, maybe it was 'okay' to have incest in the past in the times of Kings and Queens to maintain the same genetics, but hello??? Do you want your babies to have a genetic problem? Like, what? I can't, I just can't put up with it. If this wasn't the worst, KanamexYuki's relationship is so abusive. He is very manipulative towards her and all people in his life. He is what you call toxic boyfriend who never lets you go and like a spider, makes you entangled in his cobweb. Yuki is Officially f*cking dumb for not choosing the best man in the love triangle. Hope they live unhappily in a parallel story. 
Just for you to notice how undeserving you are of him, Yuki Kuran: When Kaname died, Zero was still willingly wanting to accept you in his life. Like, THIS IS LOVE! Even hurting, hurting, hurting, he loved you enough to forgive you for breaking his heart innumerable times. 
Someone please make a Spin-off where there is a girl who treats Zero Kiryu right. Ahhh, I'm gonna die.

Sorry for expressing my hate. It feels nice for the whole fandom to know one more person detests this trash, named Kaname Kuran.

MisakiSimp Jun 4, 2020

Anime-planet, a site where pacifist mindset characters with slight incest gets more dislikes than straight-up murders/rapists.

dazaissuicideletter May 6, 2020

This man has incest written all over him and I hope he gets the electric chair for that :) 

666XBittersweetX420 Apr 30, 2020

His whole " I own you you are mine I want to fuck my sister wife" thing is not it. He's a boring character with no development, a failed protagonist and his whole " Plot twist! not the villain thing" is sickening. One of my most hated charters 

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