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xCanaxCherry Oct 23, 2016

Oh, that sounds nice. The studying abroad thing, not the busy as hell thing. I've been pretty busy as well, but that's mostly my fault since I can't manage my time well. Overall, I'm doing ok, I think.

What anime have you seen recently? I haven't watched anything new in months, which is kinda sad.

xCanaxCherry Oct 17, 2016

Hiya, Grach! It's been a while. How are you?

VlN Oct 17, 2016

So...uh...late reply. Srreh. Busy time again at school.

Er...five months to watch Bleach in its entirety? No pls - too much. I've heard you need a lot of patience to watch the shows, especially when you have to wait until something like...episode 600-some for it to actively get mindblowing, in the case of OP. 


No problem, sorry for the late reply too. v_v

I know, I just mean some people could probably do it... xD 

I normally only watch longer anime during the summer or when I have breaks just so I actually have time for them.

ShoumaTaka Oct 2, 2016

I also see that you have D. Gray-Man on your want to watch list you should def watch that it's so good I've watched D gray man a total of two times and I'm going to be watching D gray man Hallow sometime next month cause I'm a procrastinator 

ShoumaTaka Oct 2, 2016

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  (: I'm going to get to watching these on Monday,  thank you so much ★ I owe you one