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VlN Sep 25, 2016

Grach says...


Exactly. I just need to convince others to do the same, though they're slowly learning not to.


Always good to take what others say with a grain of salt. :p Supposedly it is good, though - at least from all the conversations I've seen about it. ...and no spoilers, either, which is rare. Occasionally the hype is justified, like with Madoka Magika or Monster, but others are hypetrains based off the trailers or who produced it. Tho the inverse is also true; a lot will say bad things about a show just because they saw someone else say it, and thus it becomes known as bad.


Still don't know how people watch those long running shounen. So much time involved :p



Yeah, it is really time consuming. I'm still watching Bleach and it's been two years. xD Though, I did take a few really long breaks. If someone really wanted to finish it, I think it would only take them around 5 months. :p 


I've learned not to watch those, now. There's nothing wrong with them, I just don't have the patience, haha. That's why Naruto&Shippuden and One Piece are on my "Won't Watch" list.

DeviousRunaway Sep 24, 2016

Sorry for a late reply ... 

I know I should be more active communicating with people but I still haven't been able to bring myself to do it.  I can never really find a subject to talk about. I mean ... sure we can talk about how we have been doing and so on but ... once that's done, then what? :P  The people who have drifted apart from me, or rather ... I've let drift apart ...  I just don't think we have much to talk about nowadays. We don't share the same interests, we don't do the same things, we don't move in the same company of people ...  there's just ... nothing to talk about.  

It's really weird my uncle just suddenly stopped swearing like that. I have no idea when, how or why he stopped ... he just did. Which isn't a bad thing at all ... it was kind of painful to listen to him in the past. :P  

VlN Sep 19, 2016

Ah - good to hear. 

Yea; doing well in school is important. :p Partly why I alway keep any chats muted before class. Not bad trying to keep responses/online time to once a day, though - keeps the conversations fresh. 

I haven't watched anything in well over a year or two now, albeit I've been curious about Re:Zero for...reasons. How about you, though? Been watching anything interesting?

Yeah, but sometimes it just takes longer to reply. It's a good idea to keep chats muted, that way you don't get distracted.

Ah, I see. I just started watch Re:ZERO yesterday. I can't say much about it since I'm only 1 episode in. (technically 2 episodes since it's Episode 1A, and Episode 1B) It's pretty interesting so far, though, I'm hoping it's as good as people say. Though, I don't want them to influence me, so I have my own opinion and be openminded about it.

I also need to finish Bleach and Durarara from a while ago. 

DeviousRunaway Sep 11, 2016

Ah, no. By false subjects I actually meant wrong choices for myself. I hope I  won't end up choosing subjects that I won't be able to pass ... that's what I was trying to say.  Sorry. 

Well ... I guess she has met a lot of people who have forgotten what they learned in history classes.:P  Or maybe they are just not interested in a small country like us and haven't really tried to figure out who we are ...  I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who don't even know that we exist. 

We have a lot of Russians living here, yeah. There's actually so called " Russian district" in Tallinn, most of the people living there are Russians. And some of them have claimed that our country doesn't treat them as good as native Estonians. That we discriminate them and treat them like trash, but that's bullshit. I think they have quieted down about it now because  they finally realize it's not true. I guess they realize they have a lot better life here than they would have in Russia. I mean it's just so sad what's going on there. 

Well we did establish that for me to be happy I need to do some work myself to get some people I placed further away from myself closer again. It's not going to be easy for me because I've been so isolated from social life that I feel like I have to learn how to communicate with people all over again. And very often I feel that I don't want to actually talk to anyone... not even with my friends or sister or parents or anyone else. 

Heheh. I think the frequency of the use of word 'kurat' depends on people.  My uncle practically puts it at the end of every sentence that comes out of his mouth, or at least he used to do that. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've heard him doing it too often nowadays. Anyway ...  It was a weird habit of his.  I use it from time to time when something happens that upsets me  but some people just say it without even realizing it ... it's like a natural thing for them to say. :P  It's the softest curse word there is for us. 

VlN Sep 11, 2016

Hallo there; am alright currently, how about you?

Alrighty. :p Same goes for me, just be mindful of that 'warning' at the top of my page. 

'Twas during the day for me when you wrote your orignal comment, but thank you - same for you, too. ^^

I'm pretty good, thanks. ^^

Ah, I see. Not a problem, I understand. Same thing for me, I want to do well in school, and sometimes I'm just lazy, so responses could take a while. :p I try to come on at least once a day to respond, though. c:

Are you watching anything interesting lately?