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Axelmoon Oct 12, 2015

Hey Grach! 

SMH I'm pretty sure you don't remember me at all rofl but here I am ;) 

Your last message on my page was about 2 months ago? Lol I'm so sorry. My life for the past couple of weeks was a whirlwind. 

We were last talking about your new girlfriend you met. Well, she's not new now is she? ;) Everything going well with you and your girl? 

watcher247 Oct 12, 2015

Hi, thanks for welcoming me ! :D

Robinsonalvin Oct 9, 2015

Thanks! Hope to get more from this website!

raidpirate Oct 6, 2015

Thank you for the welcoming. :) 

Madisone Sep 26, 2015

Hello, thank you for welcoming me!