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My top five anime:

From the New World

Madoka Magica


Princess Jellyfish


91 Days

My top five manga:

One Piece

Assassination Classroom


Blue Exorcist

Tokyo Ghoul + :re

Honorary Manga:


My top five video games:

Pokemon White 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Bravely Default/Second

Favored genres: psychological, mafia, fantasy, coming of age

Please rec me anime/manga/games with cute boys and or pretty animation because I'm shallow af 


 I have no idea why half of the characters on my love/hate lists are on there so please take them with a grain of salt or two.

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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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DoodlebugFour Nov 6, 2019

Gerik is finally in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Find it amusing they gotten Kenjiro Tsuda for Gerik, since Mikoto Suoh from K's English VA Keith Silverstein does Saber.

DoodlebugFour Jul 30, 2019

Also here are some Project ARMS quotes (Yes this legit actual dialogue, at least in the english dub, the japanese script is rather generic despite having some popular seiyuu):

"Oscar! Why are you always such a f***head!?"

"Kid, you know when to be a real @$$hole don'tcha"

"That kid's got Verbal Diarrhea!"

"You go after Yugo!"

"Well look at what the cat just puked up!"

"Im not into hitting girls, but im gonna b****slap you into next week!"

"Kei Kuruma! That.....B****!"

"The Egregori and the Bluemen can both suck my @$$ dry!"

"What the f***!? Your pulling us into this metal orgy too!?"

Was a very fun and strange series, even if the anime production values and presentation isn't the most stellar for something that aired back in 2001-02, though this is what happens when you adapt a manga that was finishing up back then and had to make some....liberites. I did went and read the manga and have it fav'd on my MAL Page.

DoodlebugFour Jul 30, 2019

Good, celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday recently. Bouncy House and some guests to have a fun time at the pool.

Also been watching Twitch Streams of FE 3 Houses (Since I lack a Switch), and hoo boy does it curbstomp Fates in the balls in terms of content and storytelling.

DoodlebugFour Jul 30, 2019

Hola Cana, how have you been doing?

I also recently made myself a review of an old 2001 anime called Project ARMS.

DoodlebugFour Aug 21, 2018

Also gameplay with LOLZworthy fantranslation