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sothis Nov 3, 2021

Hello! I see you've marked Genshin Impact characters in your loves/hates - are you a fellow player? If so, do come check out our Anime-Planet official Discord server, as we've had a discussion channel for the game since it launched, and a bunch of us (including me and quite a few of the database moderators) chat in there regularly about it. We also do group wishing sessions when new banners drop, talk about events, good builds, etc. 

The server also has anime/manga/webtoon discussion channels, general off topic and gaming convos, etc. Hope to see you in there sometime :)

DoodlebugFour Dec 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

English Translation of Lyrics:

I was always gazing at
a white wall and rembrandt
I stood with you that Sunday morning as usual
look at the light that shines through the open window
as if you suddenly remember CALL MY NAME

we passed the time together when we had nothing
what a relaxing time that was
we were trying to gather those CHEAP counterfeits
piece by piece during the week

being lonely is frightening
I can be calm down best when I'm alone
because I have such a mind
I can live

I called out many times
the name I used to call you
in the room where there was only us
doing that kind of thing
feels better than anything else BE AWARE
it seems I believe in the feelings I can't see

day and night I think only of you
with no reason at all
the days were fun doing that
there's only one thing I don't want to lose

with one answer comes another new question
then another answer comes after that
always standing at the STARTING point
I walk slowly as if I can't move

the days I walked together with you
it was like a coincidence that we were in the ring of fate
that's the idea we have
don't fade away as you tremble
with that never changing voice PLEASE CALL MY NAME
as if you suddenly remember CALL MY NAME
it seems I believe in the feelings I can't see

DoodlebugFour Dec 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve!

DoodlebugFour Nov 6, 2019

Gerik is finally in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Find it amusing they gotten Kenjiro Tsuda for Gerik, since Mikoto Suoh from K's English VA Keith Silverstein does Saber.

DoodlebugFour Jul 30, 2019

Also here are some Project ARMS quotes (Yes this legit actual dialogue, at least in the english dub, the japanese script is rather generic despite having some popular seiyuu):

"Oscar! Why are you always such a f***head!?"

"Kid, you know when to be a real @$$hole don'tcha"

"That kid's got Verbal Diarrhea!"

"You go after Yugo!"

"Well look at what the cat just puked up!"

"Im not into hitting girls, but im gonna b****slap you into next week!"

"Kei Kuruma! That.....B****!"

"The Egregori and the Bluemen can both suck my @$$ dry!"

"What the f***!? Your pulling us into this metal orgy too!?"

Was a very fun and strange series, even if the anime production values and presentation isn't the most stellar for something that aired back in 2001-02, though this is what happens when you adapt a manga that was finishing up back then and had to make some....liberites. I did went and read the manga and have it fav'd on my MAL Page.