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DeviousRunaway Aug 9, 2016

Heh. Yeah ...  I'm sure I did plan to leave for good back then ... but once I recovered from my deep depression I  felt the need to return to anime and  to this site.  

I'm glad to hear you've been doing so well. :)

 I've been trying to get back on my feet too, but it hasn't been so easy. I went to back to the university in a hunt for the Master's degree in Translation Studies.  At first it all went well but then that damn depression hit me and I had to take some time off.  Got things under control by swallowing some pills and returned to school after months of doing nothing, but soon after another problem hit me -  anxiety attacks that didn't let me concentrate on my studies.  So now I'm  on academic leave once again and seeing a psychologist ...  Going back to school for the third time at the beginning of next year, in February.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep myself from failing this time. 

Man, somehow describing the situation I'm in made me feel like a  pathetic loser.  Oh well ...   

MuffinsKopp Jul 4, 2016

Hey mate, how's it going? Done with studies yet?

Anyway, I just finished a extra year of study, had to move out, used money I had saved up, went straight back home with my parents and started working again right away.

I didn't take up any loans for the year I lived in a apartment, shit, that hit me hard economically, I had to stop my nicotine addiction(so that's good and all), but I had to do that just to put food on the table, pay the bills and keep gas in my car haha.

Anyway, long time no see, I try to watch anime, although I priority playing games with friends, so I end up never finishing the animes I watch >_>

Anyway, happy 4th of July, hope to hear from you soon! :)

DeviousRunaway Apr 21, 2016

Hey there! 

Long time no see.  I don't even know if you remember me ...  I used to go by the name of DreamMonster a while back.  Returned with a new name because I lost the password and didn't remember which e-mail address I used to register here. :P  

Anyway I've been wondering how you're doing.  I hope life's treating you well.  

NuwandaSama Apr 20, 2016

Well, while it's been just under two years, and I was unaware of a comment section on this site, thank you for welcoming me with open arms.

I've been busy with university guff and Britishness; Tea cannot be rushed.

I hope the years have been kind to you.

Papa Bless


Sianeka Apr 6, 2016

Hi - it's been awhile. How have you been? (I'm a bit concerned about you, please drop me a quick note!)

Just checking in with you because it's been a while since we chatted and you were on my mind because it's been crazy busy in WECO with record numbers of new members signing up on the site.  So I was wondering if you have time to become an Active Greeter again, even if you are only available a little bit.  (Even 5 names one day a week would help!)

If you can't do it at this time, that's fine.  But I thought there'd be no harm in asking, just in case you can.  Cause it would be so helpful to have more Greeters helping out these days.