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Sianeka Mar 3, 2016

I miss you - haven't seen you around in Forum or chat.  When you can, please just drop me a note (even just a Hi) to let me know how you are doing?

Sianeka Jan 14, 2016

Hi, noticed you’ve been missing doing your assignments recently.  I guess things have gotten busy?  I’m going to put you on Hiatus until I hear back from you, so you won’t have more assignments.  Please get back to me if there is a problem, especially if I can be of assistance in some way.

You can reactivate again when you are ready - just let me know you wish to return to doing welcomes, and I’ll set you up again immediately!

PS  Your banner for your club isn't displayed anymore - you may wish to fix the link!  (Is it Anime Newbies Club?  I didn't know there was a banner for it - it's not posted in the topic!)

Sianeka Dec 25, 2015

Happiest of holidays to you, and my wishes for success this coming New Year!  Thank you for being a part of WECO!  *big smile* 

AnimkaxD Dec 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! :D