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unicornannika Dec 7, 2015

I'm so sorry for such I late reply! I feel terrible >~< 

How have you been? Have you been having a better time at your new school?

I've been constantly swallowed with work, even on breaks so I really don't have a good balance of my social life and education xD Journalism has been a fairly easy class for me because I enjoy writing somewhat, although I like to write fictional stories as opposed to news articles. But debates have always been quite hard for me. Many times I'm assigned a position that I don't personally agree with so its hard to argue against my own beliefs. What classes are you taking?

I've been trying to be more social with the few friends I have by going out more often and doing something spontaneous, but it's been hard with my work load constantly increasing. Yeah I'm like you, I don't go to parties. I tend to get anxious when I'm around a lot of people so I try to stay away from things like that. 

Haha, I really want to try some of those things you've mentioned! ^.^ hmmm... The weirdest thing I've had is probably frog legs. Although compared to some of the stuff you mentioned, that's not very out there lol

Again sorry for the incredibly late reply, I'll probably be on more often now that winter break is coming up! ^.^

ScarletRain Dec 5, 2015

Hello :> How is your weekend? :)

Nemyt Nov 18, 2015

Thanks! ^-^

I sure will~

Axelmoon Nov 14, 2015

Yeah I'd really rather be in Dubai or the Caribbeans. I've never considered going to Dubai before; Machu Picchu is on the top of my bucket list. 

Where would you like to visit?

CASyHD Nov 6, 2015

Thx for the Welcome.