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some good art/prog rock for your ears today



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stardust2222 May 25, 2021

If you could have any wish granted what would you wish for 

SilverPhoenix3626 Dec 10, 2020

Hello, how are you?

anotherself Sep 26, 2020

Heyyy, I forgot to use for a while but how are you? I think you left a message on my profile in 2019

andreichekov Apr 8, 2020

no i haven't seen dr. stone, but i'm glad you enjoyed it ! i haven't watched any new anime recently.. hmm most recent would be the 'disastrous life of saiki k' buuuut i got a little bored so currently it's on my stalled list. definitely would like to finish it though, it was pretty unique !

oh hmmm i never even really thought what your username was.. but now that you say russian i definitely get it *russian facepalm*.... shrimp as a vegetable ? that's the silliest ever.. they don't even live on land, how would they grow out of the ground ? o_e

i have seen shelter ! sad to say i hardly even remember it but it's just a short video so maybe i will go watch it right after i finish this reply (; did your mom like it ? 

gaaaahhh sorry i'm late but how did it go ? a grocery store is nice... be careful of the virus though

Saiki K is eggxellent! I really enjoyed that one. I mean, i watched it with my ex, and that makes it a difficult memory, but I can talk about it without feeling too bad, so thats progress! (gawd i feel pathetic)

How did you get bored with Saiki K? Are you even human? o.0

The thing about vegetable shrimp is blood colour. We divide our foods between the colour of juice in their veins. So, meat is red, fish is pinkish, and vegetable is clearish. Salmon is a topic of hot debate because its not quite as red as meat, but also not as pale pink as normal fish. makes things very complicated. I mean, we're not as bad as the Catholic technicalities (beaver is a fish) or the Coptic church (turkey is just forbidden always)! hahaha. Sometimes old traditions can be a bit silly, but I don't mind following them. Makes life more interesting. :D

Shelter is amazing. My mom liked it. I've never seen her get emotional over anything animated before that. It changed her perspective on things a bit. I don't think that she will start watching anime, but it did give her a little more respect for the genre.

late shmate, whatever. I was just later than you were. I got the job. I've been working like crazy. I don't really like the job, but I need the work. On the pros, every customer is really friendly, they are sooooo glad that we are still open to help them get food and stuff. For the cons, it's long hours, and we are short staffed so I'm going to be working 6 days every week. It's definitely better than being broke and hungry. :)

Ever watched Monty Python Life of Brian? They have a song near the end "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" I try to live my life like that.

So, quarantine, are you able to keep in touch with friends and family? I have a couple relatives that seem to think that you can get corona over the telephone. :D hahaha (can i be a boomer yet? I want to think like that)

Are you American? Washington state(mystate) just closed all the schools for the rest of the year. My nephew is going crazy. I'm going to have to figure out something to wear him out soon. He's six years old. Maybe I can get him to help me dig a ditch for building a fence or something.

Do you have siblings?

Roduriguez Apr 7, 2020

Hi katie!! 2 years hun? damn that sure makes me feel old as well, im turning 19 in less than a month kek. Ive been doing pretty much the same i was doing back earlier watching anime, studying and playing stuff xD.

Was gonna be in uni at newcastle london uwu so new life chapter was going to start, but then CORONA-VIRUSSSSSSSSSSS, so pretty much the same things id do earlier but without school cuz its break now. uwu

Wbu? What have you been up to these last 2 years ? ^^