Pharaoh's Concubine

Alt titles: Sha Yu Hai Zhi Ge, The Pharaoh's Concubine

Vol: 11; Ch: 67
2015 - 2018
4.156 out of 5 from 1,255 votes
Rank #1,254
Pharaoh's Concubine

She is a girl that everyone loves but she cannot speak of the love she has for her brother because her brother already loves someone else. In despair, she gets dragged into Ancient Egypt by a snake-shaped bracelet that is engraved with a three-thousand-year-old love oath. There, she meets the Pharoah’s heir, a party boy.

Source: Webcomics

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COMPLETEDWARNING *SPOILERS*STORY The plot wasnt anything new. Ive seen it written before in several Mangas. Some just subtract the isekai plot from the story. But thats not what makes it boring. Its the fact that the author had a time traveling story in their hands but did nothing new with it. It does the exact same thing any time traveling story does which is go back in time and try and change the past for whatever reason it may be and in this story the reason was selfish. Hell it didnt even effect the future. with how the last chapter potrayed it, you can consider it a dream. The Protagonist Wei, Literally almost changes the future several times all because she didnt want her carboard lover, Ramses to die. But in reality it's stupid because the protagonist is suppose to be so fucking smart but doesnt remember that Ramsses the second died of natrual causes (or suffercation) at the age of 90! So shes messing up the timeline to protect someone and getting others killed for a man that wouldn't die for another 70 or so years.ARTThe art is really beautiful. Very shinny, detailed, and warm. Sadly I cant say the same about the designs . All Though The headdress and fabric are detailed the characters base designs are very bland. Wei is just a typical Blond, blue eyed, protagonist you have seen in many manga and comics and Ramases isnjust a typical brown guy with long hair. These manga is souly based on you identifiying characters by hair color and clothing which is fine but its not really helping to remember these characters when Ive seen characters exactly like then any severally other manga. And lets be honest. If we were to pick a manga like "black butler" they could be considered bland to. But Yana Toboso gave then characteristics that nobody else in the same story had such as Ciel having an eye patch and Sabastian having visiable fangs and red eyes. Things that makes you recognize that these are Ciel and Sabastian. In this manga, even though they have colored hair, skin, and eyes, nothing really was unique to them. They didnt have scars on their arms or one of them having short hair in the middle. One of them having different eyes shape or a thinner put it blunt if you grey scaled half of these characters many of them would look the same with switch in hair style and slight modifcation to the outfit. CHARACTERSThese characters are really stale. Its weird people say they enjoy these characters when their personalities are on par with Stale bread. The Protagonist, Wei, is nothing more than the "We claim that shes smart but boy does she make bad decisions" character. Several times in the manga we are suppose to believe that Wei is smart because she can info dump Egyptian history when she needs to but several of the choices she has made has gotten people killed, hurt, or made things worse in general. She also doesnt take in consideration that the things she changes could mess up the feature until near the end of the manga were its suppose to be romantic that she is letting him go because "even though I love you this isnt how it suppose to work". this is suppose to be the part that made people cry but honestly those people waisted their tears because apparently Male lead ends up being renicarnated for her anyway. I mean I guess it would be sad if you read the Novel before this because some unfortunate stuff happened to the process of reincarnations such as him not having any memeory but none of that happened in the manga. Hell, the manga didnt even get green lit for a second season. The author and writer just said 'f*ck it' and left it on a cliff hanger.Speaking of the male lead. Rameses isnt intresting at all. How can you make a person who was an actually real life person so boring? All he does is claim the Protagonist as his own and says he loves her because shes is the equavalent of european beauty. Rare occassions he would say she was also smart but like she really wasnt. She just had the protagonist power of "Plot convience" and there for she was just the only one that had intelegence in the story. I notice in the a lot of Chinese manga they think the Protagonist is the only person to have intelegent thought, opinions, emotions, and be in the right. One of the things that makes it hard to enjoy a lot of the work they make. Which is why its also hard to get emotionally attached to other characters. when some of the other characters died I couldnt be sad because I barley knew them to begin with. I knew their role in the story and why they were there but the author never writes them to have personalities to be attached to. So when they got murdered, jailed, slaves, or anything else horriable all I could say is "welp there goes another character". OVERALL In the long run this story is just boring. A romance story that really isnt romantic. Its just a story for quick money and the author just hopes your just blind enough to not notice the plot holes and lack of character building.

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