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For the citizens of Kuruda, fighting is everything. From ordinary citizens to the all-powerful fighters known as Sevaars, each day revolves around winning each battle and being the best, all for pride and honor. Gau Ban (commonly known as Black Howling) and Elle Ragu are two of these fighters, looking to gain their strength and master the legendary Shadow Skill, even if it means having to fight each other in the process...

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tollie01 Dec 24, 2016
Score 6/10

....There is a very good reason why nobody has posted a review here and that is because all 3 epsiodes of this OVA series are also to be found in the TV series. If you are interested in the TV series then watch this OVA. If you like it then get the TV series, other than that I can find no reason to possibly get this. Read my review on the TV series if you want to know more about Shadow Skill. read more

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