Naruto True Story (Light Novel)

Alt titles: Naruto: Itachi's Story (Light Novel), Naruto: Sasuke's Story (Light Novel), Naruto Shinden Series (Light Novel)

Vol: 3; Ch: 11
4.477 out of 5 from 245 votes
Rank #975
Naruto True Story (Light Novel)

Uchiha Itachi, four years of age. With the hell of war burned into his eyes, the boy makes a resolution: he will rid this world of all violence. The birth of Sasuke, meeting his friend Shisui, the academy, genin, chunin, and then the Anbu—Itachi races down the path of glory toward his dream of becoming the first Uchiha Hokage, unaware of the darkness that lies ahead…

Source: Viz

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