Shin Tekken Chinmi

Alt title: New Kung Fu Boy

Vol: 20; Ch: 100
1997 - 2004
3.85 out of 5 from 21 votes
Rank #9,680
Shin Tekken Chinmi

Chinmi tries to enter Kanan with Pushin, a swordmaster whom he met traveling to Kanan. But they are attacked after trying to enter Kanan and pursued by the Border Police who chase them into a waterfall. A fisherman saves them and aids their entrance into Kanan. The people of Kanan are forcibly oppressed by the government. Chinmi befriends the people and makes the big decision to free them with his Kempo. Sorabi Boru, Lieutenant of the Border Police and Jirai, the evil king of Kanan attack Chinmi...

Source: MU

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