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Stormbrook Jul 19, 2016

Dear Thor,I completely disagree with your comment, and would like an appology by anime-planet. Further reasoning that "They are too short." I take personal offense to them. People may disagree and want my comments taken down due to personal interest. But if I state something that could be 1000 words in 10, then I have done my own personal job plus some. I write reviews because I want people to see my reviews.



Sohhla May 26, 2016

Hey, thanks for the heads up!

Poiuw Apr 8, 2016

Thanks for the info, I have already seen some changes when I was making the list. :)

XMrNiceguyX Apr 7, 2016

Not checked the Toriko section, aside from adding the "Verbal Tic" tag to Rin. But it's been other series I checked (Fresh Precure and Moyashimon come to mind) when I wasn't done with the series yet, which spoiled ir for me. Those spoilery tags are henceforth removed, but it did leave a sour taste in my mouth. Quite sensitive to stuff that can be considered spoiler unfortunately. I can imagine why that Yandere tag will never happen now ;)

XMrNiceguyX Apr 7, 2016

Yeah! It's on as noise sometimes too though (like the super shounen-y parts), but I'm actually enjoying this a great deal more than I thought I would. I'm a sucker for those episode introductions and filler episodes though. These fillers are generally about food and Food and Beverage is one of my favorite tags.

It is throwing a spanner in the works for my noitanimA progress though >8( Kind of apprehensive looking at the character list until I'm done though. Once I'm done, I'll probably see if I can update some of those pics at least. Got spoilerburned a little bit too often in the character section...