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Sianeka Mar 10, 2016

thor123 says...  thanks for the wishes :D

*big smile* Glad I caught it so I could send a timely thought of happiness for you!

PS I'm curious: how do you know the milestones in your Anime/Manga life?  Were you just keeping track as you went along or do you have some way to go back and determine them?  (I'd love to see what my milestones are but I wasn't keeping track back then and I'm hoping to find a way to discover them!)

Sianeka Mar 6, 2016

Happy Birthday!!! Wishing joy to you today. Have a great day!

SpanglishJC Mar 1, 2016

Your friendly neighbourhood reminder: marathon.


Tents Feb 25, 2016

Hahaha yeah, my profile has been Tutu themed for years now. It's so satisfying I never had the need to change it.

ShoumaTaka Jan 18, 2016

dont know if i should cri over you not liking ganta or not