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Hello there! 

 Big thanks to Nicknames for the background and moon images :D

I'm just a guy who started out as a reader of American comics and then got into manga...  and got stuck on this site :p

Want some recs from me? Just ask! (or check my ratings/reviews) 


I was a moderator for a couple of years, but I've officially retired from the team now! If you have any moderation/database-related questions, go ask the mods on the forum!

My 5-star anime so far:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

From the New World

Perfect Blue


Kill la Kill

Flip Flappers

Princess Mononoke

Land of the Lustrous



 Key points in my anime/manga life:

First anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

50th anime: Pokemon: The Origin

100th anime: Naruto SD Movie 6: Road to Ninja

250th anime: Aki no Kanade

 First manga: Death Note

50th manga: The Gamer

100th manga: Metro Survive

250th manga: Hive

350th manga: March Story

400th manga: Adolf

500th manga: Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

400th anime (350th watched): Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

700th manga: Origin

800th manga: Billy Bat

500th anime: The Hard: Bounty Hunter (thanks DTAB T.T )

1000th manga: Vagabond

Badges I'm "proud" of:

Added 25 Community Manga Reviews - 5th person to get this badge

Added 25 Community Anime Reviews - 100th person to get this badge

POPEE BELIEVER - 267th person to get this badge

Butt Attacker - 643th person to get this badge

Rated 250 manga - 492nd person to get this badge

Rated 250 anime - 14406th person to get this badge

Rated 500 manga - 158th person to get this badge

Rated 500 anime - 4806th person to get this badge


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Uhm... and that's about all I have to say here, so have a nice day and smell ya later!

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zala Mar 6, 2018

Happy Birthday, Thor-kun!

PharuanUndearth Jan 9, 2018

hey bud i think you really should pick it back up if you wait you'll only have more to read :P. - My review btw

Sykes Jan 7, 2018

your banner touched my soul