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Hello there! 

 Big thanks to Nicknames for the background and moon images :D

I'm just a guy who started out as a reader of American comics and then got into manga...  and got stuck on this site :p

Want some recs from me? Just ask! (or check my ratings/reviews) 


I was a moderator for a couple of years, but I've officially retired from the team now! If you have any moderation/database-related questions, go ask the mods on the forum!

My 5-star anime so far:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

From the New World

Perfect Blue


Kill la Kill

Flip Flappers

Princess Mononoke

Land of the Lustrous


 Key points in my anime/manga life:

First anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

50th anime: Pokemon: The Origin

100th anime: Naruto SD Movie 6: Road to Ninja

250th anime: Aki no Kanade

 First manga: Death Note

50th manga: The Gamer

100th manga: Metro Survive

250th manga: Hive

350th manga: March Story

400th manga: Adolf

500th manga: Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

400th anime (350th watched): Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

700th manga: Origin

800th manga: Billy Bat

500th anime: The Hard: Bounty Hunter (thanks DTAB T.T )

1000th manga: Vagabond

1337th manga: Space Brothers

Badges I'm "proud" of:

Added 25 Community Manga Reviews - 5th person to get this badge

Added 50 Community Manga Reviews - 2nd person to get this badge

Added 25 Community Anime Reviews - 100th person to get this badge

POPEE BELIEVER - 267th person to get this badge

Butt Attacker - 643th person to get this badge

Rated 250 manga - 492nd person to get this badge

Rated 250 anime - 14406th person to get this badge

Rated 500 manga - 158th person to get this badge

Rated 500 anime - 4806th person to get this badge


Some games I like

Pokémon: most notably FireRed, Emerald and Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


NieR: Automata

Lego Battles

Mario Kart (DS and Wii)

Tomb Raider (2013)

Etrian Odyssey IV

Burnout 3

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

FTL: Faster Than Light

Doom (2016)

Hollow Knight


Portal and, even more so, Portal 2

Fire Emblem series: played FE11,12,13, Warriors and playing Three Houses

I also share my birthday with Lissa

Lissas birthday is the same as mine!



Uhm... and that's about all I have to say here, so have a nice day and see you around!

Nai wa!

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BrotherK Apr 25, 2022

Questionable manga ratings but each there own

MrDasher Apr 18, 2022

i agree 99%, but they could have made it less obvios with the prinsses being the imposter tho. was way to easy to find out, the clues where there all the time, and she could have said so much to clear him, but all she said was "no, that is impossible. it can't be". but i really liked it, and i hate rushed animes, so that they put time in it makes me glad

jypsel Jun 12, 2020

Your list of short manga has been immensely helpful.  Thank you for it! 

MangaLifer4Ever Sep 23, 2019

I most likely will lol, most of teh manga I read I rate very highly

MangaLifer4Ever Sep 22, 2019

Oh thank you very much, I'm happy for your input and if we could be friends that'd be great too