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AngelBeatsYui Apr 4, 2016

HIIIIIIIII, I've wanted to ask for some manga recommendations from you for soo long, seeing that you have read quite a bit :3 And you're a manga mod right?! I read some of your manga reviews and you have a good eye, so I was wondering if you have any recommendations for manga/manhwa/manhua/Light Novel Series....pleaseeeee

Thank you :3

Thrawn Mar 24, 2016

Thor! Good buddy, good pal, you rat bastard of a slave driving base-born bastardly bastard. You know I always review shit and how all the shit we watch is shit which makes everything shit. And since I declare/state that they're from DAMC/DTAB, I have to edit a whole bunch of shit. And because the declarations are customized, I will have to re-edit them to make it all "Appropriate" and shit, relative to context.

But the point is, If Sothis has to edit it, she might take out the profanity (For those declarations because editing the swears in my reviews would take up way too much of her time) which I will not stand for! Which means I will have to edit them myself. But the real end point, is that you're a rat bastard Charlie Brown.

Count how many times I used the word shit. That is less than all the shit I'm editing.

But you are forgiven (Sinner), no problem and you're welcome.

Zaig Mar 23, 2016

And put that as a quote in my signature. Yet. >D

Zaig Mar 23, 2016

So hey, I herd you liek followin' older men around. Not taking that out of context at all nope.