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KillLaKill1007 May 24, 2017

Alright thanks for letting me know.

Funkgun May 23, 2017

Yup finished the Iron Gundam review. Thanks Thor123

Dunedane May 20, 2017

I left this response to the person who listed changes and never received a response, so I thought I'd share it with you since you commented on my profile.

I think you may have gone a bit too far with the changes to your review policy. A lot of people aren't looking for a long four paragraph review of a show, just some quick impressions. I watch anime on streaming sites, so I read one or two short reviews on this site to determine if it's worth watching the first episode, but I balk at longer ones. I think a lot of people do that.

Another problem with the new policy is that there are a lot of shows that have very few reviews, so even something short is valuable. Also, while it's fine to ask for positive reviews to be bulkier, often times negative reviews are fine being short. Certainly longer than "this sucked," but saying something was bad and listing a few reasons is fine. I don't want to go in depth about something I thought was awful.

I would also say that the new review policy makes it difficult for people to discover someone with a similar taste. If I find a short review that is well done, I may check out that person's profile to see their other reviews (or hope someone checks mine), but now I may never find that person. Even when I find a review helpful I very often accept it without seeking in depth information. I also am not interested in the technical analysis I see so often in reviews, for a lot of people the details about animation style (you can just check pictures) or the music are of no interest. I also leave those category scores blank when I review, because I do not usually feel compelled or even qualified to rate certain aspects of a show.

The main reason I use this site is to keep track of anime I'm watching and search out new shows, but I do not read a five paragraph review to help determine my future viewing, short and sweet is best for me and I think many others. Rather than saying paragraphs, a five sentence review minimum as well as a word count requirement would be plenty. If I want a super detailed commentary, there are plenty of other places for me to look. I currently do not even see the option to share with everyone on some of my longer reviews.

One other thought is that rather than eliminate short reviews, simply create a button to view short and a button to view long. We're not pro writers, I simply hope that someone may benefit by reading my quick thoughts and maybe find new shows because the discover that they agree with my reaction, as I know I have benefited from others. Again, if I wanted a pro analysis I would look elsewhere. Pro analyses are a turn off for many people. Shows that aren't considered good by technical reviewers are often still very enjoyable for many people.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I just feel that the new policy may negatively affect many viewers willingness to try new shows, as well as their ability to find like minded people.

LittleKakao Apr 5, 2017

thank you so much for letting me know! 😊