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sothis Jul 21, 2019

I finally watched Alice in Borderland and was wondering why in the hell Gantz isn't top the rec - I noticed you added a one-way rec for Gantz->Alice, consider making it two ways? :p 

Deathly Apr 23, 2019

No wories, usually I don't check my comments on my profile neither. :)

So yeah, maybe I should watch Popee the Performer too one day. Eventually... Probably I'll need to be mentally prepaired first.

Yeah, I now that feeling. Life definitely has been getting more busy since my last years at university and during work now. Basically I've been only watching season anime now for several years. As for gaming, I more or less found my niche games which I like to spend my time on. Though that doesn't mean that I like to try something new out, just less frequently than in the past.

Deathly Apr 21, 2019

Heya there, Thor! I've added you too.

Quite an interesting profile you've got there. It seems like the folks at the forum have also turned you in one of those popee believers.

So apperently you've got into anime from American comics. I've started out a fan of some JRPG series before I got into anime, if that wasn't obvious already. :)