The Blood of Madam Giselle

Alt title: Giselle Ssiui Pi

Ch: 61
2019 - 2022
3.747 out of 5 from 1,450 votes
Rank #15,052
The Blood of Madam Giselle

A rebellious spirit trapped in her marriage to a violent husband, Giselle leads a miserable life playing the role of a meek wife and lady. But one night, wandering her new home, Giselle discovers what seems to be a young boy trapped inside a cage. An inheritance from her husband’s eccentric father, the boy is considered a monster, an immortal “flower that feeds upon blood”. Despite her fear, Giselle begins to visit the boy nightly. Will these illicit meetings shatter life as she knows it?

Source: Lezhin

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It's frustrating since the damn FL is soooo helpless. Like really helpless, weak, Feeble, incapable, and submissive. I mean- in that type of household it will bring you down to that state.  If you want a strong lead FL, this is not your story hon. You just have to follow through the story and take the hits of emotional distress. I'm really hoping that this is just a build-up for a chance of a revenge plot twist, but if this keeps going on- MY personal opinion, I might have to drop this. I can't relate to this woman- personality-wise, and the story doesn't give you emotional relief. Once they finish having sex, you're quickly out of that fantasy and become just as aware as they are in what type of environment they're in. And it's not a good one. This story really does a great job of making you feel uncomfortable just as how our FL does. The idea of a vampire and mortal relationship is good, but the relationship hasn't really progress freely since the FL is in a restricted household, so it will take some time for them to fully connect. This is quite frustrating for me since the episodes have been coming out slow. I stopped at episode 42, just because of how frustrated I was with the whole situation and the fact that the main characters really can't do anything. That's my main complaint if you haven't noticed. I do tend to stray away from infidelity, cheating, secret affair stories because I really hate that icky feel it gives me. And this is exactly how I feel when I see her "husband" just get his ass pounded by some random chick that is manipulating him, it's disgusting. But then get mad at her, when he discovers that she has a man that's pounding her ass too. Like, make it make sense. Her "husband" has been treating her like shit, abuses*ve, and is just a fuck-tard. I really hate him, and he's not even all that to talk the biggest shit. For all, I know this dude looks like a background character. I can see why I have a love-hate relationship with this story, my opinion. Mainly because I haven't run into stories that have open sex scenes with a good plot behind them. Most of them usually are shallow and immediately go into a pounding scene after a 2-minute dialogue, it's quite repetitive and gets boring fast. But what's so great about this story is that it has a plot, that is deep and makes sense. The slow build-up of the connection between the two main leads is frustrating yet realistic, and once they go into that scene, I feel as though it's the icing on the cake. All we're missing is the cherry on top, where they can fully/freely be in love. The art is great! Every artist has a different style, and personally, I will rank this as my top 5 favorite art styles. I love how they made the ML, so beautiful <3 Jet black hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes that stand out the most! OMG! And once the blood stains his skin, WOW. SO amazing! The Fl is average-looking, and to me, average-looking is not bad nor ugly. I just find her normal, and they sure did a great job on projecting that image for her, if they wanted that. Maybe in future updates as her self-esteem and confidence grows, the more glowly she will become, I hope- Overall, a 7/10 :D

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