An Innocent Sin

Ch: 138
2016 - 2021
3.767 out of 5 from 661 votes
Rank #13,801
An Innocent Sin

Thinking she's all by herself on the last train home, Nayeon feels the urge to enjoy herself by fantasizing about her desires. However, a reflection from the train windows show that a mystery man is on the same train. He comes up to her and offers his business card. At the thought of seeing this handsome stranger once more, she takes his offer and arrives at a place called Peach Puff. What is this place? What are these people doing?

Source: Lezhin

Includes 21 side story chapters.

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Maybe I have read a manhwa unlike any other, seeing all the positive reviews this manhwa has received, but honestly this story has been mostly mediocre. Story: the opening incipit was original and I was also enjoying how the story wanted to develop the relationships between the various characters, but the more you go on the more this story falls into mediocrity, many things are not explained, others that happen are totally absurd , some subplots are never filmed again, and also the final part was very heavy to read because the staging of the events was really ridiculous, started well but ended badly Art: one of the positive things about this manhwa is his very well done artistic style, the character design I like, the colors are very well suited to the storytelling, I would say good from this point of view Characters: let's say that a good part of them are characterized well, while the others they have been treated quite badly.Noe: I liked his past, and his way of behaving but it doesn't really stand out as a protagonistNayeon: At first it seemed interesting, but then it turned out to be very flat and quite uselessSojoong: I really liked him as a character, very cynical, manipulative and at the same time he knows how to assert himselfTaehoon: at first he was interesting too, but then he really falls into mediocrity, I never really understood his relationship with Sojoong, too bad Smut: a bit of a disappointment, at first it was fun to see the various scenes of this type, but after a while they start to be heavy and annoying with the development of the story, again a pity Conclusion: well it was a disappointment, I was hoping to find myself in front of a well-made manhwa, and at the beginning it was like that, but in the end you realize that everything was written in a bad way. If you want to try to read it, take a seat, but know that there is much better out there.

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