Call Me Tonight

OVA (1 ep x 30 min)
2.096 out of 5 from 605 votes
Rank #8,700

Rumi Natsumi works as a call girl for Telephone Communication Madonna, but her newest client may be the strangest she's had to chat with; his name is Ryo Sugiura, and he has an unfortunate problem: when he gets turned on, he turns into a monster - literally! Rumi is determined to help Ryu get his condition under control; but when one of Rumi's classmates finds out about their situation, things turn dangerous, fast...

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Alistoru's avatar
Alistoru Dec 4, 2010
Score 0.1/10

LMAO whoever made this must have been so high they couldn't see strait. When I read Skanfish215's review on it I thought, well.. telling us it's crap doesn't tell us much, but in this case it really, really does.
No back story, no character development, no idea wtf if going on at all, except that dude goes all monster happy when he gets turned on, and slutty (slutty has two t's right? As long as their big... read more

TheStampede01's avatar
TheStampede01 Oct 5, 2012
Score 6/10

I honestly don't see why people hate this so much >_> I actually found it quite hilarious. Yeah theres not much char development or explanation, but its a 30 min OVA what do you expect? Just the very though that this exists during the 80's is hilarious in itself. It might have been something really terrible if it was done during our time, but I think the 80's atmosphere (animation and music) adds a nice... read more



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