Escape into Oblivion

Ch: 37
2017 - 2018
4.099 out of 5 from 120 votes
Rank #3,062
Escape into Oblivion

Woojin wants nothing more than to escape reality. Hwon wants nothing more than to be with Woojin. Baffled by the intensity of Hwon’s love, Woojin makes a series of absurd demands to push him away. But no matter how cruel the demands are, Hwon never gives up.

Source: Lezhin

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LukaChii's avatar
LukaChii Sep 9, 2019
Score 10/10

WOW. I've read many many mangas including killing stalking (10/10), but this is the frist time I took the time to write a review. I loved this so much I just had to. It made me feel so many things, and both characters I connected with and understood. So much trauma and pain that was constainly being ran away from. So powerful. So good. Wow. Amazing story and art. I want to kiss whoever wrote this. The ending... read more

AteeM's avatar
AteeM Aug 2, 2018
Score 10/10

I honestly wasn't very fond of the story when I first started reading it, I just wanted something to pass the time. As I was reading, I kept stopping myself from giving it up because I thought it would get better. Boy, am I glad that I continued reading. I loved the sensation I got when reading; I don't know how to describe it, but it's kind like of that feeling when you're so detached and it's sort of grim? I... read more


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