Escape into Oblivion

Ch: 37
2017 - 2018
4.279 out of 5 from 285 votes
Rank #3,752
Escape into Oblivion

Woojin wants nothing more than to escape reality. Hwon wants nothing more than to be with Woojin. Baffled by the intensity of Hwon’s love, Woojin makes a series of absurd demands to push him away. But no matter how cruel the demands are, Hwon never gives up.

Source: Lezhin

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If I could some up this story in a few words then I would use freakish, dark, depressing at times. I think it fucked with my brain.  Usually whenever I read, I alternate between reading a light and dark read one after another so I don't get too happy or distressed. But the previous two stories before this were dark too so it did a number on me. That could be one of the reason why I had such a hard time being into this story.  Enough about me... For now and focus on this story. If I talk about the title, I think it suit the story well.  The storyline was good. I thanked the heaven that Kim Hwon was NOT the begger and woojin didn't end up with his brother.. Ugh.. Step brother. He had some screws loose in his head. Though the two main characters are fucked in the head too but atleast I like them. So thank you author.  I think the character building was not deep. There gave me an impression of made in breeze but I liked them.  Kim had his head bashed in.. Once again but I think this time he had it coming for him with all the teeth he pulled from others just because of woojin. So I didn't feel bad for him. But the first time was awful. It had me in tears. Though I felt hurt that woojin left him But in retrospect I would have ran away too. Didn't want my head to get bashed in after all. Hehe.  Overall, it would have been a good read if my brain was not already I'm a dark place. I think I would come back to it in some months and maybe understand it better than this time.  I would recommend it to folks who like their main characters a bit twisted. 

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