Ch: 52
2015 - 2017
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With all his memories wiped out, Jesse, wakes up in the hospital and in front of him stands a man that suggests he's Jesse's lover. However, the only fragmented memory Jesse has of that man is him trying to kill Jesse. But is his fragile memory reliable? Who's telling the truth and what is actually going on? Why was he in the hospital to begin with?

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Hello~ It's my first review, but I have read 100+ manga and watched 100+ anime so I am pretty decent source I guess.. And, uhmm I am ESL (English as Second Language) so please excuse my bad english.. My review might be little bit biased since I am super into psychology, mystery, smart guy stories which is exactly Moritat hehe.. Anyways, here is the review....  I will try to keep the review spoiler free... hmm.. so the genre is pretty much psychology/mystery..  Jesse Brown (MC, blue hair) wakes up without any memory.. He have nightmares that has Law, who is his self claimed lover, and although Jesse does not remember his memories, he questions Law and decide what to believe.. More than remembering, he kind of learn about himself I gues... Either way, this story is not like usual amnesia where main character gains memory bit by bit, it has some nice plot twists and mystery in it...  I would say Jesse is pretty similar to L (from deathnote), he is wise and thinks deep and uhmm.. (struggle with bad vocab sry) After only 5 chapters you'd be amazed by how attentive and amazing he is.. Story right now has 2 main characters (Jesse and Law), and overall like 7 characters appear at most? Only 4 of them speak anyways...  The place this manhwa set in is in a mansion on the cliff, and the whole mountain/area belongs to Brown family..  Every scene except fashbacks is set in place in the mansion and all the chat is between main characters.. AND although it is yaoi/BL, main story has nothing to do with their sexuality.. The story could have been same with Hetero couple and uhmmm please dont make hasty decision to not read this masterpiece just because of the sexuality of the MCs (in case you are homophobic- which i advice you not to be, and be more acceptive, open..).. The other MC, Law is super mysterious character.. The whole manhwa seriously playes with both characters and readers mind, it is like MC trying to find truth inside memory distortion.. He is more critic than other characters from usual amnesia stories... Either way, please do do read Moritat. It might turn little bit confusing at some point, but it is worth reading and understanding.. (IT IS STILL ONGOING, AND IS AT THE BEST PART RIGHT NOW LOL) If you loved it as much as I did, here is some personal recommendations.. Ah, also please send me some recommendations as well :)  ( [email protected] ) -(ANIME) Charlotte.. It is more about character development and uhmm it will start with really irritating main guy but you will grow to love him.. Every fan hated hi mfirst, but he grow up super fast.. Although it might feel really different from Moritat, at some point  (I think it was around ep 6-8) you will kinda feel similar plot twist and the repeated tsrn tsrn tsrn sry for little spoil.... -(ANIME) Mekakucity actors.. It is actually anime adoptation of kagerou project, which is collection of vocaloid (com program singers) songs that tell story.. I actually just realized the main similarity between Charlotte, Moritat, Mekakucity actors but it will be biggest spoil ever so I won't tell :P  However, if you wanna discuss about them, feel free to email me; we can be friends euheuheu.. Anyways, for Mekakucity actors, it is fucking seriously confusing at first. You have to keep watching even tho u dont understand, because in the last 2 ep everything will be like BAAAM! HUGE "makes sense" feeling.. All the story happend in like 2-3 days and hmm I thing, 12 episodes? OH AND PLEASE WATCH THE LITTLE STORY THAT GOES AFTER ENDING, it is biggest part of the plot.. Actually, you can watch that story first and decide if you wanna watch Mekakucity actors too.. -(Manhwa/Manga) Flow... It's also really different but is my favorite manhwa.. artwork is 100% and plot is amazing.. Story and character development is also superb.. I thought if you liked one of my favs you would like other fav too.. hehe.. SOOO.. I GUESS MY FIRST REVIEW WENT GREAT :) I LIKE STORIES THAT MAKES THE READER THINK, THAT MAKES SENSE, THAT HAS BACKSTORY/GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT DUE TO ACTIONS.. (SO TOKYO GHOUL ALSO MEANS ONE OF MY FAV HHEH) ANYWAYS, thank you so much if you've taken your time to read this.. Please give these recommendations and moritat try. Thanks :)

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