Down and Dirty

Alt title: Sseuregiui Jeongsa

Ch: 68
2019 - 2021
3.845 out of 5 from 708 votes
Rank #9,901
Down and Dirty

How far (or low) can an attractive body take you in a slum? Pretty and well endowed, Choi Hyungdo scrapes together a living as a waiter by day and porn actor by night. He's occasionally called in for odd jobs at the male brothel where the charismatic owner, Lee Gyung, relentlessly tries to seduce him. Hyungdo feels as though he’s spiraling, but his attraction to Gyung feels as real as his imminent bankruptcy. The descent may be ruthless, but it's not without its pleasures.

Source: Lezhin

Includes 8 extra chapters.

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Hmmm... First, reader discretion : this manhwa contains some rape. And if you have a problem with it, stay as far away as you can from this 😌👍🏻. I think the start of the story is quite unique and good.. (even tho technically there are some rape at the start..) You can see how hard it is for Hyungdo to live (and tbh, i love how john- the author and artist made us to see how hard it is to survive in the slums, a lil realistic i can say). And then lee gyung appeared :). And blablabla, i don't want to spoil you all. I can say that season 1 is quite dark (and i love it), and then there's season 2. Different with the s1, s2 is where the story will get more heartwarming. Even tho i have some thing that i don't like from s2, i really like how the bond between our CP improved here. And HAHAH, I LOVE THE ENDING. IT'S VERY SATISFYING AND U SHOULD SEE IT FOR YOURSELF 🤡. (And the most satisfying of all is the steamy scenes ofc heheh 🤡👌🏻 can't wait for the extras~) The art! When i found this manhwa, it took me by surprise because of the color. Yes, it's B&W like mangas, so i can't help it but thought it's japanese. And then the names came.. yea, it's korean ^^. Even tho it's bnw, i think the artist made the right choice tho, it fits the "dark" story. And you can see how much improvement there is as the story goes ✨. Finally characters!! The characters here have a special place in my heart ❤️ except the dumb villains who i don't remember the name. There's Hyungdo, our MC who is described at first as the independent stray cat 😼 he needs to work hard to live so you can see why he is a really independent man. But as he fell in love he changed~ (i don't really like tha change tho, but oh well- it's cute). And there's Lee Gyung! (Some of you may hate him tho.. dw, i won't judge. He's done something unforgivable anyway) i love how prideful he is :3 and u can't deny that he's HAWT 🔥 and in s2, he didn't change much except he's softer heheh~ and oh boy, i love mary! The bestie of hyungdo! He supported hyungdo all throughout this manhwa, and he deserve some recognition! 😤😤 So.. should you read this? Totally not recommended for people who doesn't like rape! The s1 have some, so pls read it at ur own discretion. But if you like dark stories, but not too dark- myb u'll love this 😉

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