Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #2,973
Rank #3,834

Kotoko is a complete ditz and is not particularly intelligent. She is in the lowest ranked class at school and often has trouble taking in new information. However, she is extremely persistent and will work hard to attain her goal. Despite her lack of grey matter, Kotoko is extremely kind and cares for her friends; she is also very sociable and outgoing. She has a rather large crush on the school genius, Naoki, and even confesses to him, however she gets shot down very quickly and bluntly.

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Anime Roles

ItaKiss Main

Manga Roles

Itazura na Kiss Main

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MsKakashi Sep 18, 2022

I was rooting for happiness. I really hope she is happy with that tsundere ass Naoki. He was TOO tsudere for me.

PrincessFairy8 Sep 4, 2021

Kotoko is sweet and kind and works hard which are all great traits but I just can’t like her as a character. She has nothing unique to her and pretty much no personality. Her entire existence revolves around Irie. Everything she does and says has something to do with him. No ambitions other than him, no sense of humor, no random unique personality quirks, no hobbies. There is nothing to her character. She’s really generic too, she’s the same as every other shoujo heroine. And I just can’t like a character that can’t even think for herself. Time and time again in the series Kotoko is told something or hears something and then just goes with it, she never once forms her own opinions or thoughts on anything, never comes up with her own ideas, she literally never thinks for herself. She is entirely dependent on others. Also, a big part of her is that she’s hard-working, which is great and has been shown lots of times in the series but the problem is that the anime tries to paint Kotoko’s pursuit of Irie as her being “determined” No, it is her being obsessive, repeatedly running back to her abuser and unwilling to respect or even possibly completely incapable of understanding when someone does not want her around. She stalks him, she’s obsessive, she has no life of her own. Everything is revolved around him. No fun extra curriculars, no hanging out with friends at the mall, she spends all her time stalking him and then gets a job as a nurse just because he’s a doctor. Her whole life revolves around him, she has nothing else she ever spends her time doing. It’s unhealthy and toxic. There’s a difference between being determined to pass an exam and working really hard and obsessing over a guy and chasing him when he clearly wants you to leave him alone. It would be one thing if Kotoko had any sort of character development, but she doesn’t. By the end of the series she is still obsessive, still dependent on Irie and still not a competent person who can think for herself. There are few times where she stands up for herself but a second later things immediately go back to before. They try to paint her traits as endearing but there is nothing endearing about an obsessive stalker with no personality who’s incapable of independent thought. I feel bad for saying all these things but it’s just how I feel.

AnimeSerenity Mar 13, 2021

Kotoko isn't that interesting as a character on her own, that said, I couldn't help aggressively rooting for her. Mainly because she's such an opposite to Naoki. It feels like the whole show just makes fun of her constantly for being stupid when, in comparison, Naoki seems to get praised for his many achievements, and the girls all swoon over him. Also, unlike Naoki, she actually works really hard, so there's actual meaning behind her doing something. I couldn't tell you how pissed I was when she got to the Top 50 in her school, and the other characters were like: "you only made it there because Naoki was so smart." She's also generally always kind in spite of everyone being a prick around her, unlike Naoki who is that prick.