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lemonsqueezyy Jul 12, 2023

All these people defending Alois, calling him realistic, and calling people stupid for "not understanding his character". I hate him too and I understand his character perfectly well. Yes, he has an extremely sad backstory and may suffer from multiple mental illnesses. I pity him. But do I give him a pass? Hell no. 

I'd just like to remind the ones defending him that almost every abuser/killer/serial killer has both too - a traumatic past AND mental illness. Imagine Albert Fish or Richard Ramirez getting a pass because of their traumatic past. And yes, I know Alois isn't a serial killer before anyone comes at me for the comparison. But it applies to abusers too. Having been abused does not mean that it's okay for you to continue abusing others whether they're your family, friends, or servants.

Again I understand that since he hasn't received therapy his reaction is somewhat realistic. But it is equally reasonable and realistic for people to sympathize with his background and still hate him. In the early years, there were loads of people who would have been abused but failed to receive therapy for it and not every grew up to continue the cycle. Many chose to use the abuse they suffered to help others by becoming social workers, starting homes/shelters, and so on. 

So no, a character that is all sunshine and rainbows after suffering abuse is NOT unrealistic. They are just as realistic as Alois. Don't undermine them because people like that DO exist in real life. 

batzbad Jul 6, 2023

Best character in Black Butler and in my top 5 characters oat. He doesn't deserve the hate he gets from people who dont understand his character

chloe4656 Jun 1, 2023

Couldn't stand this piece of shit and people will defend hi. cause of his back story and does not excuse the way he treats people.

dreamingofcowboys Jun 10, 2022

ion know man I liked him I thought he was a good character

Rookblonkorules Jan 27, 2022

I'm genuinely tempted to start the series just for him.

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