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atamreF Jul 2, 2020

hellamisanthropic's comment is law, and everybody needs to read it.

imaweeb890 Jun 26, 2020


hellamisanthropic Jun 23, 2020

Some of you don't understand his character at all.

He was forced to do slave labor with his little brother figure, Luka. All Luka wants is for Alois to be happy, so he makes a deal with a demon to make Alois' wishes come true. He doesn't care about losing his life in the process. 

Afterwards, Alois was picked up by horrible men and brought to the Earl Trancy with hundreds of other boys. All of these boys had to sit through being abused sexually, physically, and mentally. As a CSA survivor myself, that causes a horrible amount of trauma and mental illness. Sexual abuse can cause these mental illnesses: depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), substance use disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, BPD (borderline personality disorder/emotional disregulation disorder), bipolar disorder, etc. Alois had ended up developing one or more of the following (it is never really told which mental illness he specifically had, only that he had one or more). Alois ended up making a deal with a demon in a moment of desperation and pretended to be the Earl's son after he died to live a new life fit for him. 

He did everything for Claude's attention and approval. Claude was the one thing Alois had for himself, for good. Due to his love for Claude, he was easily manipulated by the demon and used as a revenge weapon on Sebastian. He had told Alois that Sebastian had made a deal with Luka and ate his soul, which is why he wanted Ciel in the first place. He didn't realize this until after Claude had stopped wanting him for good, after Ciel stabbed him in the chest and said he killed his parents. That's when it clicked with him that both demons were using and lying to each of them. He realized Claude didn't want him anymore at all when he looked at him after tasting Ciel's blood. This sent Alois into a spiral, asking Hannah to take him to Ciel and their carriage crashing. Alois dragged himself to a tree and prepared himself to be eaten by a wolf(?) before Claude showed up to ridicule him. 

Claude broke their contract by bashing his head in and putting his soul into his ring. Even after Alois died, he was used by everybody around him. After all of it, though, he still wanted Claude's love and affection, something he'd soon realize he'd never have. Setting up the maze was Alois continuing to spiral mentally, yearning for affection from Claude. You can tell by how he rigged in and how after Claude repeated "Yes, your highness" 3 times, he had gotten excited. 

He learned later on, after Claude had told the truth about the reason why he killed him, that Hannah was the demon Luka made a deal with, and that she never ate Luka's soul, but rather carried him around with her. She wanted to make a deal with Alois and reunite them both. Alois jumped at this, realizing that Hannah was the one he should truly be loving, not Claude. He realized that she could show him true love, not Claude, and whilst he still secretly hoped Claude would win, he was okay with him dying, and he didn't care as much anymore because he has Hannah.

Ciel and Alois have a conversation after Claude dies. Ciel asks if Alois is satisfied, to which he replies, "Who knows? I don't know anymore. But.." "But?" "I think I'm happy not knowing."

Alois' soul finally got to rest with Luka, Hannah, and Claude. 

The only thing that really irritated me in the end was right when Claude died and Sebastian told Claude that this was not caused by Ciel, but rather Alois, he says, "If Alois Trancy could create a stir in this listless, demonic life, then maybe his soul was worth piercing, too." This irritates me because Alois was finally ready to let him go, but in the end, Claude had wished he wanted Alois the way he wanted Ciel. Right as Alois lets go, Claude wants to hold on. 

Alois was wronged by literally every man in his life. He only wanted to love, to be loved, to want, and to be wanted. I'm glad that he got the ending that he deserved. He gets to be with Hannah, Luka, and Claude (skeptical about this one). Also, the only reason I include Claude is because Hannah says, "The love of we four shall reach the other shore." 

I also find it rather annoying that people want a mentally ill anime character that ISN'T a yandere, but when they get one, they immediately despise him FOR BEING MENTALLY ILL. Alois was an amazing character, and the only people who don't like him are the Ciel and Sebastian stans. Personally, I look at all characters and break them down from all perspectives, including their own or the antagonists/protagonists. 

ErrorSebastian Jun 19, 2020

Okay I get he had a hard life but I do not like him at all I'm sorry

Bunille May 31, 2020

I do not understand the amount of hate that he gets. The poor boy is mentally ill, and that in itself is great writing. 

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