Aka: Dedicatus545

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ClassicYu Aug 16, 2019

I dropped the series almost 4 times because of this Touma biting dog. Thank god she got almost 0 appearances after the first arc.

TheRogueStudent Jun 2, 2019

People think Louise Valliere is bad when it comes to abuse no all this bitch does is gnaw on Touma yeah i get Touma's idiocy but she does it even if he's on a serious mission just die you incessant bitch.

ryanshowseason2 Apr 7, 2019

Worst character in the franchise.

Has no development, her ability is for the most part useless and never explored. It could be but simply isn't.

Beyond that her only personality traits are "Food dumpster" and "Will bite main character for dumb jealous reasons."

If she were killed in some arc I'd clap.

biribirii Jan 26, 2019

Complete and utter garbage. She’s gonna be fat as a house when she’s older and it’ll all be because she eats more than the total population of Academy city combined. Annoying. Useless. Disgusting. Hate her with passion.

TsumiMitzuki Dec 27, 2018

If you only know nothing but to whine about being hungry,boss Touma around,bite him and doing anything to rub the salt on your master,then you got no business here and might as well get lost and let Misaka take your rightful place as the true heroine of the Raildex series.