Aka: Dedicatus545

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herpesfree Jul 20, 2020

I hate her. She is extremely annoying.

Samhut Nov 20, 2019

Worst character in the franchise. I'm surprised that she even has a lot more love here than hate.

Comblekane Sep 5, 2019

Although Index does things in her anime to some extent, she does not do enough good things to make her toleratable. She lives with Touma, eats way too much food and is annoying to no avail, however when she is needed to help touma she does pull through and helps him. She is the worst human character in anime history in my opinion because of this however she still does things and is good every once in a while and that is a lot more I can say about Kou the bat from Rosario X Vampire who does nothing throughout his series at all.

ClassicYu Aug 16, 2019

I dropped the series almost 4 times because of this Touma biting dog. Thank god she got almost 0 appearances after the first arc.

ryanshowseason2 Apr 7, 2019

Worst character in the franchise.

Has no development, her ability is for the most part useless and never explored. It could be but simply isn't.

Beyond that her only personality traits are "Food dumpster" and "Will bite main character for dumb jealous reasons."

If she were killed in some arc I'd clap.