Aka: Dedicatus545

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dezzydoo Sep 1, 2014

Character dislike!!!! The biting is overly excessive an unwarranted.She is an annoying character. She shows no concern for the man who feeds and shelters her. And I don't like female characters who act as if they own the male lead when he's not claimed. (>>_<)> pushy!

MidnightDT Aug 7, 2013

How can anyone not like Index?? losers

darkuru Jun 4, 2013

I really hate her, she treats Touma like shit. annoying spoiled brat. 

Suntears Apr 2, 2013

we need more hates for Index as a chara, but Index as a series is amazing

jeffsong Feb 10, 2012

shouldn't Toaru Majutsu no Index focus on Index? I see that only in the first few episodes, and in the rest she just fades away...In fact I think I should like her on first impression, but the anime fails to, or doesn't even try to develop the character more, leaving her a totally innocent forever...I am up to 10ep in season 2, and I give up the hope for any change to her...It might be the fault of the director or the author who ruins the character. Last but not least, can you imagine she is around the same age with Misaka?!