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European Charactersby KrisDFC

These characters born in an european country.

Dumbest Charactersby Epimondas

I do not measure lack of studying, education, or generic knowledge as measure of intellect but basic survival instincts and everyday precepts collectively known as common sense. Everyone has them in fair abundance because if we...

The Least Likable /Worst Lead Character Listby Epimondas

These are the main and lead character that just: rub you the wrong way ; have too many or too severe character flaws; too cliched; or too bad to have significant appeal as a lead.

Worst Most Abominable Couple Pairingsby Epimondas

This list is set up the same as the perfect couples list only for the worst pairings and male and female set up in respective order for each pair.

Biggest Single Character Obstacles That nearly Ruin a Showby Epimondas

The characters in this list are so bad, annoying, or difficult to watch that you almost hate the anime, hate watching it, or don't want to watch it just to avoid that character.