Aka: Dedicatus545

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superzaiyan Dec 31, 2016

She's so useless except for the library that is inside. That's basically it. Then all she does is whine and whine and order Touma around, which I think, Touma does not deserve. STOP HURTING TOUMA FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. You already see the guy's so unfortunate, and you add up to it. Get lost. 

This is why I stopped watching this anime's 2nd season, and I just watched To aru Kagaku no Railgun because Misaka is a better lead than Index. At least Misaka has developments. Index is just whiny with nothing to offer. 

Segyl Jan 12, 2016

Useless. The series can go on without her with no problem whatsoever.

Epimondas Aug 10, 2015

I am kind of neutral on her.  While I do not hate her, I do not love her as a character either.  Her crude arrogant rudeness and selfishness is somewhat balanced by her simple mind and child like personality which is ironically about half as mature as Misaka is supposed to be.  I find it a bit odd that for someone who supposedly memorized over 100k books she is as simple as she is and bereft of any significant personality other than the appetite of a blue whale and the respectfulness to others of an inmate at sing sing.  As a character she feels kind of unfinished.  Also the fact that she is a nun yet appears to frequently flirt with Touma is a tad unsettling and very unfair to Misaka, who is a much better match by a landslide.  She solves about as many problems as she causes so she does not exactly get ahead or fall far behind as evil either.  This neutral position of her character is one of the reasons she neither stands out well and feels like an incomplete creation.

Serpentari Jun 18, 2015

Worst character in the series. Can't believe they named the show after her.