Gender: ?
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #202
Rank #196

Medusa's unfortunate child lives a rough and lonely life. Partnered with Ragnarok, Chrona is referred to as a Devil Sword user and holds a deep fear towards anything unfamiliar, including most other humans. It is this fear that fuels the team's need to harvest human souls. Chrona's meek personality and questionable gender make it an easy target for Ragnarok's ridicule.

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LatviaChan Nov 5, 2011

Ahh~ Crona is such a lovable character~ Personally I see Crona as a girl, but it doesn't really matter either way, she's still a great character!

chuckylover911 Oct 12, 2011

Crona is so cute! I wouldnt like him anymore if he was a girl cause he wouldnt be crushin on maka. and i like that pairing! Maka X Crona

boltstrike Aug 30, 2011

Crona is cool. Love the direction of this anti-hero. My only issue is that, for some unknown reason, my top fav characters end up -deleted to avoid spoiling anything XP- !

It just bugs the mess outta me! Cool powers, decent character development, its a character we can all get behind. The only issue is the gender. I'd have to say Crona's a boy just cuz if he was a girl, I don't think he'd be that flat. Even Maka has some chest and they're relatively the same age.


But even despite all that, still epic. Male, Female, Genderless, or transsexual, Crona's awesome.

deideiblueeyez Jul 19, 2011

Why is Crona's gender a "?" .. Crona is obviously a boy! I can just tell you know? And why would Ragnarok beat up on Crona if he wasn't a boy? The wrestling he must've done with Crona. If Crona was a girl Ragnarok wouldn't have dared cuz that would be just.. weird and wrong. But since they must be both the same gender - male- it would be alright. But still annoying to Crona -__-

lizchan42 Jul 3, 2011

Personally, I see more feminine traits in Crona than masculine. First off, Crona seems a lot more introverted and wrapped up in his/her emotions than a guy would be. Also, the whole "I can't deal with girls" thing could very well have been "I can't deal with boys" if a boy had confronted Crona. Plus, I bet Crona wasn't used to outright fighting girls, just (basically) eliminating anyone in his/her path. But I also see the possibility that Crona is genderless, because Medusa could have just made Crona, without feeling the need to assign her experiment a gender.

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