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(Changed my username 😛, it used to be TakashiNatsume.)
I have a confession to make. I am in love with you, so you absolutely can't hate me. If you do, I'll go yandere on you. Just teasing, nice to meet you. 

🌸 🌸 🌸 

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

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Here you are. Reading my bio for no reason other than your bored (or genuinely interested, and if so then be prepared. This is going to take a while.).

Oh, Jesus. Here we go..

 Slegaitis, E. / Welcome

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My First Anime

Like many other people, my first was Pokemon. I watched it with my older brother and we were huge fans, but I prefer the XY series above the rest of them. My favorite character was definitely Serena, who for some reason I worshipped. 

Serena (anime) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia 

My First Manga

I've read a lot of bios and I've come across this particular manga as their first. This was also my first: Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) Let me just say, I LOVE this manga.  The reason why I read it was because after I finished the show (which only had one season), my sister told me that she was reading the manga, which was ongoing. So I hopped onto it and fell in love. The manga was much easier to read then I had thought. I despised comic books but after that encounter, I favored manga over anime and still do. My favorite character in Yona of the Dawn is certainly Jae-ha (top left).

AKATSUKI NO YONA - Play Jigsaw Puzzle for free at Puzzle Factory 

Now that that has been settled, let's switch topics. My favorite anime is Natsume Yuujinchou. I have watched about six seasons and am waiting for the next chapter update. It is calming, with great morals, and the ultimate stress reliever. Even if it doesn't have the best action or something like romance, I can say with utmost confidence that I am always at peace watching it. Normally I don't enjoy Iyashikei anime, but Natsume Yuujinchou is an exception.

   Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsumes Book Of Friends ) - Yuki Midorikawa ...

I finally found my favorite webtoon/manga. Although you might not think of it as that special, I really love this one.

About Death

 About Death webtoon OST - YouTube

 2018 WebToons List – Outlet


I also really hate manhua because good ones are so hard to find. Even when they have such good ratings I find them incredibly stupid. One of the few amazing manhuas I have enjoyed is 19 Days.

19 Days by Old Xian

My favorite action manga is The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony (Novel) Manga Recommendations ... 


My favorite romance manga is Days of Hana

Hana Haru – Snow Flower Scans


My favorite BL manga is Kiraide Isasete

BL/ Yaoi


My favorite adult couples manga is Shiawase Gohan: Maki to Hanazawa

Shiawase Gohan - Maki to Hanazawa by Nanoka 

My favorite shounen-ai manga is Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmers | Castle Swimmer Wiki | Fandom

My favorite weak to strong manga is Only I Level Up: Solo Leveling

Read Solo Leveling


My favorite fantasy manga is Beware of the Villainess!

그 악녀를 조심하세요! [단행본] - Synopsis :: WEBTOONGUIDE - All ...


My favorite comedy manga is My Life as an Internet Novel

My Life as an Internet Novel - Tappytoon Comics | Official English 


The anime that made me cry the most was Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden 

The anime that made me laugh the most was Cuticle Detective Inaba

Cuticle Detective Inaba (Manga) - TV Tropes 


The manga that I have focused on as of right now is Oshi no Koi:

Oshi no Ko Manga | Anime-Planet



Here are my top four anime openings:





Here are my favorite anime moments:

Top 12 Summery Anime - MyAnimeList.net CLOSED] Archery Edition~[CARDS] - Forums - MyAnimeList.net

Atsushi Nakajima | Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki | Fandom Flying With A Parasol ! ~ Violet Evergarden GIF | Gfycat 



Out of all the characters I have shipped, my favorites are Emma and Ray.



May I...? ||The Promised Neverland|| (Emma x Ray ) - Lets start ...

My favorite married couple is definitely Go Nanhee and Oh Deokhoo.

 The Girl and The Geek by DAGAB, HurYunhwa The Girl and the Geek | Manhwa - MyAnimeList.net



Although I have mentioned that Takashi Natsume is pretty much my favorite anime character of all time, there's someone else. For me, the one that really takes the cake is Maes Hughes. I seriously believe this guy over here is the reason FMAB was such an enjoyable show for me.

Source: jmihelic Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Maes Hughes ... Anime tuesdays GIF - Find on GIFER Maes Hughes GIF | Gfycat Animated gif about anime in FullMetal Alchemist by •Aye!•


FMA - Maes Hughes



My hobbies are sketching and gaming. I enjoy drawing people and people only, and not in a realistic fashion. Mostly, I draw in an anime style that was created by analyzing several different styles. 

I'm going to add this incredibly random pic here just because I thought it was cute and hilarious. ( Holy JOO from Oh! Holy.)  Don't let it bother you. ^^

WEBTOON| Oh! Lord Jesus (Oh Holy!) – Not Your Typical RomCom Webtoon –  Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers 

Regarding gaming, I prefer PS4 over Xbox One and my favorite games are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hello Neighbor

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Wikipedia Buy Hello Neighbor Steam


 Here's a little more about me: I got a TERRIBLE temper. My patience? A big fat zero. My pet peeves? Just about everything. I get triggered by just about everything, I am seriously thinking about taking anger management classes. That only applies to when I converse with family. Talking to strangers/friends give me an infinite amount of patience. The reason why I chat online b/c no matter what people say, I rarely get mad. (But it's very easy to hurt my feelings.)

I don't want to specify my age, but I feel like it has a lot to do with interactions. Just know that I'm a high schooler. My guilty pleasure is reading manga that I know I won't like and then writing a bad review on it. Sometimes I can be a little wack so I apologize in advance, I've been told I have a weird personality. I like the motto 'Kill your enemies with kindness' because it is what I, a coward, specializes in. Although I do have good grades, sometimes I can be so dense and it amazes my siblings. (BTW, I just found out how my bio looks on a phone screen, I use a laptop, and it's so cramped. 😅😭)

It's like there's a little switch in my brain that flips whenever it wants.

Cartoon What GIF - Cartoon What QuestionMark - Discover & Share GIFs 

Now that that is over, I can wrap this up and bid thee farewell:

Dadadadadadadadadadaada uploaded by miss.mmeoww ナンシー

My goal is to become an author. 


How I rate my manga (in parenthesis are where my review ratings would stand) :

😍 (10) 5 - Flawless 😍

😘 (9) 4.5 - Amazing except for some small details 😘

😊 (8) 4 - Pretty great 😊

🙂 (7) 3.5 - Good with some flaws 🙂

😬 (6) 3 - Decent 😬

😓 (5) 2.5 - Borderline bad/ Could've been better 😓

😩 (4) 2 - Not my cup of tea 😩

🤔 (3) 1.5 - Why did I even read this? 🤔

😤 (2) 1 - Give me back the time I wasted 😤

🤢 (1) 0.5 - For Pete's sake, disappear from my line of sight 🤢

😴 No Rating - Unsure or not worth my time 😴

💜[Basically, any manga I rate 3.5 or over is considered good. The same concept with any review overall I rate a 7 or over.]💜


Until next time, fellow otaku.

I follow back.

 19 Days | Tan jiu, Manga, Anime boy

Portland, I Love You but Youre Forcing Me Out - Willamette Week (for real this time..)


Mr. Kayden (Eleceed) appreciation Facebook cover : manhwa

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Venosaurka Oct 20, 2020

I actually don’t mind sad manga. I heard that To Your Eternity has the same author as A Silent Voice, which is one of the reasons why I want to check it out. I really liked manga of Silent Voice, and tbh I didn’t like the movie. Who is your favourite Silent Voice character? My favourite character is definitely Naoka, she is a terrible person, but she is a great character. And what is your opinion on Kawai?

Imho, Nezuko was only important during Mugen Train arc. She fought in only two fights, and she was petty useless in both, which is a shame because I found her powers to be really cool. I was really dissapointed that she had zero screentime in the last arc.

Jigokuraku is far from the best, it has interesting concept, but pacing is pretty bad, and the characters are interesting, but most of them lack screentime. I would only recommend it if you are really into historical manga. Also, if you want to read it I would recommend waiting for last chapter, Jigokuraku is currently in its last arc, and I’m pretty sure that it will end soon.

Venosaurka Oct 15, 2020

I wish Nezuko had more purpose in the story, she is very adorable and unproblematic, but after a while she started to be very boring. I also like Tanjiro, he isn’t special, but I would put him above many other shonen MCs. I really love his design and his releationship with Nezuko. I like Tanjiro much more than Midoriya. Midoriya is imho one of the worst shonen MCs in general. I wanted to read To Your Eternity, but I haven’t got around to it, if you recommend it then I will definitely check it out soon! I didn’t know about Secret Alliance and Appetite. Synopsis of Secret Alliance sounds really great, so I will check it out soon, and it seems to have some yuri vibes, which is something that I always appreciate lol. Appetite seems to have great concept, and I really love the artstyle. Thank you for all of these recommendations! I read few chapters of HxH, but I decided to put it on my stalled list. I don’t even remember which chapter I ended at. I will read more chapters soon. I remember that I really liked Kurapika. I’m currently reading Fairy Tail, which is very bellow average imho, Natsu really annoys me. I’m also reading Swap Swap, which is pretty good yuri manga. As for anime, I’m watching many seasonal anime, and some shows that are great imo are: Adachi and Shimamura, Higurashi: When They Cry - Gou, Jujutsu Kaisen and TONIKAWA. I would recommend all of them.

Venosaurka Oct 14, 2020

I found Inosuke to be pretty boring at first, but he grew on me. He isn’t special, but he is very fun to watch. Zenitsu used to be my least favourite character, but I kind of like him now. I wish he was used less as a comic relief. I understand why is he so scared, and I personally don’t get why so many people found him annoying because of it. I also ship him with Nezuko! They are so cute together! ♥ Tbh, Muzan’s design is the last thing I liked about him after the last arc lol. What do you think about Tanjiro and Nezuko? 

Btw, how are you atm? Are you reading something good?

Venosaurka Oct 14, 2020

I also really like Uzui! He used to be my least favourite pillar, but he really grew on me. I'm excited to see him in second season (or second movie). My favourite male character is Giyuu, but I also really like Muichiro, Obanai and Rengoku. As for female characters, my favourite is Mitsuri, but I also love Shinobu. The only character I really dislike is Muzan, I found him very dissapointing and boring. What do you think about Muzan? And what is your opinion on Zenitsu and Inosuke?

Venosaurka Oct 13, 2020

I’m really sorry for this extremely late reply!

Author clearly wanted to make genocide Itachi’s only choice, but he failed. Itachi could have easily used Shisui’s eyes, and he had many chances to avoid the war without killing Uchihas. Tbh, I have a bigger probelm with the fact that author treats genocide as heroic, and with the fact that Itachi thinks he was right for commiting genocide.

Btw, your header is so cute! May I ask who is your favourite KnY character?

I noticed that I sound really mean in my previous comments, I’m so sorry! Sometimes I sound very mean and I don’t realize it. I’m (again) really sorry...