White Album 2

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2013
4.052 out of 5 from 3,535 votes
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Third-year student and guitarist Haruki Kitahara wants nothing more than his Light Music Club to play at his upcoming, final school festival. But soon, the other members quit, and Haruki resigns himself to playing one last solo jam session in the now-empty practice room. As he strums the chords of his favorite song "White Album", Setsuna, the school idol with an amazing voice, and Touma, an extraordinarily talented pianist, suddenly join the performance from an adjacent classroom and atop the roof, and Haruki becomes determined to keep the club going. Though one of the girls would rather avoid the spotlight and the other is a loner, Haruki’s passion wins them over and they agree to join. Now, with the performance date fast approaching, the trio spends all of their time together practicing, learning the joys of friendship, and the heartache that comes from falling in love with the same person...

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White Album

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Piano and Guitar, Side by Side

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The Light Music Club, Together Again

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And Winter Finally Begins

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Two Hearts Passing

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Until the snow melts and then falls again... Part 1

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Until the snow melts and then falls again... Part 2

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I've just finished watching White Album 2 and I felt very much like trying to write a review. So here I am and this is my very first review :-) Ok, so this isn't a masterpiece. But if you like romance anime, I think it's a pretty good choice. I wasn't very excited by the initial episodes. It honestly seemed just like another mediocre and cliched romance set in a high school. If you aren't a newbie to the anime world, you'll know there are tons out there. I was just about to drop it. But I persevered and it got better. So much so that I would recommend it. The story is about a love triangle, so no surprises coming from there. The first episodes pretty much serve only to introduce the characters, but in the second half of the anime the story really gets going and it's pretty well narrated. How the relationship between the three protagonists turned out was unexpected for me, so that's a plus.There are several occasions where you just see things happening but you don't know exactly what's going on or what the characters' reaction is, and they have you puzzling about it. And then eventually you get a flashback that gives you an explanation. So it's not all that cliched. And the ending was really good. Made my heart beat a little faster. And that's one of the main things I ask from an anime, to get me emotionally involved. The characters are pretty well described. There is some character development and in the end it's all about insights to make you understand what's really going on in their head and heart. I found the male lead more than a bit annoying. But I guess it's normal for a highschool kid to be insecure and to lack confidence. Not that he appears as an insecure guy at the beginning. At the beginning he's just plain annoying. The animation is good. As for the music, the story's about the music club that sets up a performance for the school festival so you'll be hearing plenty. Personally, I don't like that kind of sentimental pop songs, but I wasn't frustrated excessively by it, so I guess it's ok. Overall, I'd say you should give it a chance cos it's not a waste of time. Oh, and I didn't see the first series because I checked the reviews and everyone agreed on the fact that you could just skip it. And you can. It's not relevant at all to the story in the second series. Thanks for reading me.


I really enjoyed watching WA2. This is one of those few anime that I watched repeatedly. I liked how this anime went by from first episode till the last, however I am not really satisfied with the sad ending (Kazusa & Haruki apart). I wished that Kazusa stays with Haruki since it was so clear that they are truly, madly, deeply inlove with each other. Actually, the scene at the airport Haruki running over Kazusa in front of Setsuna, then kiss gives me the hope. Then suddenly, a plane departed as the two of them watch.. I was like, WTH. Then there is still Setsuna, clinging at Haruki like this girl has no shame at all. She had already seen Haruki and Kazusa kissing and yet she can't give up her love. Damn, she is so selfish. It was right of her puting the blame all to herself. Yes, I would not argue that Kazusa and Haruki are partially at fault, not having said anything about their feelings and Haruki accepting Setsuna but what of it, if Setsuna haven't made that move and took advantage of Haruki's kindness, this sad ending wouldn't have happened. Haruki and Kazusa are deemed to be a couple in this anime. That moment she held her hand, I know they are just meant for each other, only if Setsuna haven't come in between, only if that girl doesn't force a love triangle. But I'd praise Setsuna for knowing all that, for admitting that it is her goddamn fault. I don't hate Setsuna at the beginning, coz she is like your typical sweet girl wanting to become friends with those two but how come her character develpment has become worse. That's why, I hate her now, and I would continue to do so if she doesn't realize that love is not supposed to be selfish. Geez, they are your bestfriends, you should know when to let go. There I am waiting for a second season to fix what's ruined. And to reinstate their broken relationship. I am hoping for a reasonable happy ending though.  Overall, I love the anime in the sense that it's really rare to watch this kind of serious romance. And I love all the music in WA2. They are so touching and beautiful. The characters and story are good as well except that I came to hate Setsuna and there we had a sad ending. But that's the reason why we are craving for a next season, right?

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