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Asuna Harukaze is a girl who loves tennis to the point where she practices her swings with a pitchfork while working on the family farm. At school she is a member of the Soft Tennis Club along with the enthusiastic Kotone, food-crazy Chitose and bizarre yet talented Kurusu. With a big tournament approaching, the girls are taking practice more seriously than ever, but with Asuna’s strange and perverted logic surfacing at every turn and Chitose’s inability to win a single match, can the club emerge triumphant and make it to the nationals?

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Thrawn Aug 20, 2013
Score 3/10

Story: It's about a group of girls that play soft tennis, which is played with a soft sack or a soft ball and they smack it around a court that is just like a tennis court, but with a squishy sack instead of one of those tennis balls. And with any other show about a group of adolescent (Teenage, whatever, school girls) girls, they do shit that may or may not have to do with whatever shit it is that they're... read more

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jypsyjulia Jul 18, 2011
Score 3/10

The STORY of Softenni follows a group of young girls and their aspirations for their soft tennis dreams - mostly, to make it to nationals. (Or to Wimbledon - which can't be done). The cliches in this anime are overdone - especially the amnesia arc. This is a sports anime with a lot of forced ecchi and comedy thrown in between to try and spice things up, but unfortunately it fails to deliver. The ANIMATION is... read more

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