TV (12 eps x 2 min)
Fall 2012
3.005 out of 5 from 1,875 votes
Rank #13,885

Kanae, Marimo, Nasuno and Yuri are four friends who make up a tennis club at school. Whether they're going to a bakery to eat cakes, wrestling Yuri's panties from Marimo's mouth or actually playing tennis for once, the girls always manage to have a fun time in the process.

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Everything: As this is a gag anime there is no real plot apart from it being about a group of girls in a tennis club where they sort of do tennis but instead do gag things that sometimes revolve around tennis but what you should really understand is how it is on cocaine and never stops never stopping like a popstar that never slows down because this show is on all the crack and like that Swords show on western animation Mighty Magiswords every space is filled with chitter chatter yakkity blabbity Jane to maximize screentime of getting in all the jokes possible because let me tell you something there is like 3 seconds per episode of stoppage where someone isn't saying something but something is always being said and this paragraph is to enlighten you on that and there is no point in talking about anything else because the sheer speed of the voices is just smack to the veins you know and while the animation is real cheap and sketch shows like this don't need no fast speed quality animation because that can't keep up with the sheer heroin high of this or them drugs that speed you up because it never stops and if it stops it will die and 2x speed with subs you can barely keep up with it but it makes it an euphoric enlightening experience that made this all the better and overall while not every joke made it a lot were good enough and the novelty of the cocaine speed and then double nostril stuffing cocaine high that is 2x made it actually pretty great so overall it's a 5 I mean 7 for that kind of nonsensical entertainment that is built on gags for gags Just for Laughs gags.

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