Kemono Jihen

TV (12 eps)
3.965 out of 5 from 5,835 votes
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Special detective Kohachi Inugami is sent to investigate a grisly phenomenon involving animal corpses near a remote mountain village. But after meeting a strange boy who agrees to help, he discovers cursed supernatural forces at work. Little by little, Inugami uncovers the truth behind the killings and the boy who may not even be human.

Source: Funimation

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Kemono PEAKhen. Absolute peak fiction. Story: small casts are always gonna be good for character development but this anime had a great story to it as well. Equal parts wholesome and touching, action, and occasionally very fucked up. It's a prototypical small cast shonen done perfectly. A new setting of urban fantasy is also something you love to see, especially when it's not just carried by animation like Jujutsu Kaisen. Animation: the fight scenes were solid none of them were fantastic. Kabane's regeneration was very cool as were most of the other powers. the kiitsune transformations were awkward looking to say the least. However the animation is never ugly just a lil weird looking and character design is great. Sound: a solid soundtrack all around. Never rlly noticed the background music which means it did its job. The intro and outro were great especially that outro. Voice acting I felt was superb especially with the Kabane's because he maintained a monotonous tone THE ENTIRE ANIME. Not once did he make a different expression. It's fantastic. Characters: you get enough backstory from the characters to feel for them and you get enough depth from the to be concerned about what happened moving forward. The entire cast villains included was enjoyable. Loved watching the main 4 interact, it's something you can enjoy they just had a great interpersonal relationship. My favorite character was Kon. The reason I watched the anime is because I seen her on a pfp page and said these exact words "fuck yeah foxgirls". Pleasantly surprised by her. Enjoyed the absolute shit outta her and her relationship with Kabane while being nerfed by Inari, is still so fun to watch needed more moments from them  i just thought it would be cute foxgirls and shit but I am very satisfied with this watch. I suggest you watch this. It's good.


If you love dark backstories, shounen anime, found familes, and adorable/wholesome characters, this anime is for you. I absolutely adore this show and I'm furious that not many people know it exists. This season of anime was strong and because of that, Kemono Jihen got overlooked.  The story revolves around 13 yr old Kabane and his search for his parents. Growing up, Kabane was mistreated and didn't know much about his emotions. Throughout the story, he learns more about himself and meets people who genuinely care about him. Through them, he starts to distinguish emotions and what it means to be human.  I love, love, love Kabane. He is so adorable and his relationship with characters like Inugami is absolutely precious. Aside from Kabane, we also learn the backstories of other kids he meets and let me tell you-their backstories are tragic. So be prepared for that when starting this anime. I just adore how much these characters care for each other and that the kids actually act their ages. I was worried the last couple episodes would feel rushed but it wrapped up beautifully. It managed to finish things up while also leaving us enough to look forward to a possible season two. Not many anime are able to accomplish that so kudos to Kemono Jihen for actually pulling it off.  Although this anime has a big theme of searching for family, it also largely focuses on the found family within Kabane and his friends. The emphasis on family and friendship is what makes this show strong and wholesome, especially in the darkest of moments. Highly recommend this anime, you won't regret it!

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