Kemono Jihen

Vol: 20+; Ch: 87+
2016 - ?
4.073 out of 5 from 571 votes
Rank #2,331
Kemono Jihen

Inugami is a Tokyo detective who specializes in the occult. One day, answering a call to a remote village leads him to Dorotabo: a peculiar boy nicknamed after a yokai that haunts muddy rice paddies. The boy has no parents and is somewhat unnerving, emitting a foul odor that draws the ire of those around him. Inugami, however, quickly realizes that there’s something more monstrous about Dorotabo than just his nickname–a fact proven when the two of them investigate an inhuman creature attacking local livestock. Perhaps Inugami can take this mistreated boy under his wing and train him to face the secret, supernatural beasts hidden in the world…using the eerie powers of his own body.

Source: Seven Seas

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I FKING LOVE THIS MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STORY 10/10 The story starts off slow, I'll give you that much. Give it a few chapters (approx 8), and you'll be hooked. It gets dark. Like, seriously, it gets dark. As you journey with the characters and their hunt for conquest and searching for relatives, you'll understand what I'm talking about. When you encounter Akira's sibling, read the manga, and it's just...a big WTF moment. Moving along, the story gets gruesome. You wouldn't expect it, there's only a few mangas out there that doesn't care about the maturity their audience would possess in order to grasp the material presented.  In this manga, you'll really see what I mean. The story, is nice. I love it. I LOVE IT... KON DESERVES MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Art 10/10 The art is absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous in the sense of absolute perfection. No, not "oh it looks so pretty, cherry blossoms?! MY FAV!" No, not that. "Gorgeous" as in, "to think artists would go above and beyond to depict and portray their material in such a way that allows understanding and perspective. It's very well done is what i'm trying to say. - Characters 10/10 Like before, It's going to start off slow, you'll be introduced to our MC, and the other MC's, but in a "slow", or rather, "periodic" manner. The reason of this, is because there's a lot to understand in the Kemono world. So, just read through it, it's the first FEW chapters, then everything will fall into play (to an extent of periodicism). - Overall 10/10 I truly loved this manga, I don't normally write long extended reviews, but this is an exception. The amount of content this manga possesses, with such things as emotional trauma, insane art, very interesting characters, and an amazing story-line, I have to write. I MUST!!! THE CHARACTERS ARE SO LOVINGLY ADDICTINGGGG UGHHHH THEY ALL ARE SO UNIQUE OMG KABANE, KON, NOBIMARU, AKIRA, SHIKI, (going to not include mihai since his screen time is so little, but he's also in the loop as well)INUGAMI, INARI or whatever that queen bch's name is Read it, watch it (anime is out, going to end next sunday though so SADFACE)!

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