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Kageyama Shigeo, a.k.a. "Mob," is a boy who has trouble expressing himself, but who happens to be a powerful esper. Mob is determined to live a normal life and keeps his ESP suppressed, but when his emotions surge to a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him! As he's surrounded by false espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organizations, what will Mob think? What choices will he make?

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Self-Proclaimed Psychic: Reigen Arataka ~And Mob~ image

Episode 1

Self-Proclaimed Psychic: Reigen Arataka ~And Mob~

Doubts About Youth ~The Telepathy Club Appears~ image

Episode 2

Doubts About Youth ~The Telepathy Club Appears~

An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular~ image

Episode 3

An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular~

Idiots Only Event ~Kin~ image

Episode 4

Idiots Only Event ~Kin~

OCHIMUSHA ~Psychic Powers and Me~ image

Episode 5

OCHIMUSHA ~Psychic Powers and Me~

Discord ~To Become One~ image

Episode 6

Discord ~To Become One~

Exaltation ~I've Obtained Loss~ image

Episode 7

Exaltation ~I've Obtained Loss~

The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~ image

Episode 8

The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~

"Claw" ~7th Division~ image

Episode 9

"Claw" ~7th Division~

The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~ image

Episode 10

The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~

Master ~Leader~ image

Episode 11

Master ~Leader~

Mob and Reigen ~A Giant Tsuchinoko Appears~ image

Episode 12

Mob and Reigen ~A Giant Tsuchinoko Appears~

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This show was pretty entertaining, you have a teenager trying to find a place socially in life that also has OP psychic powers...but he doesn't deal with it like the regular shounen MC with their 'I've got to face my fears, lvl up my pwr, and fight my enemies to protect my friends' way. I'll also note that though this anime has a similar esscence to One Punch Man, I actually prefer this show. I feel like explaining this so I will, but you can also just skip to the directs categories for the main review of the show. There also may be indirect spoilers (about characters ands stuff) but I don't think I included any direct spoiling of the plot. Now for similarities; they are created by the same person first of all(meaning they have a similar 'vibe'), inlcude an OP MC, and an exaggerated plot with lots of dry comedy to list a few. I like all of these features, so I greatly enjoyed both shows, but the reason I like this one more is due to the differences. I love action, which both shows some of, but Mob contains the supernatural theme, while OPM has this to some extent it's orientated towards super heros more. If you like the super hero theme more than a supernatural one, you might like OPM more. Another difference is also just the characters themself, and the plot. OPM is really quite simple, you are introduced to more superheros that aren't as OP as the MC, and they struggle to beat a bad guy until Saitama finally gets around to doing so, and it gets super extreme in an overblown funny way. Mob is a bit similar, but towards the middle of the anime the more extreme plot line is taken more seriously with other psychological implications. The plot also worked to change and further develop characters Mob Psycho, while in OPM the characters remained relatively stagnant as Saitama does not face any internal struggles other than one brought about by being extremely dense (lol that was pretty funny tho).  Story 8/10: There was a solid amount of plot in the 12 episodes given. You meet important characters, get to actually know these characters more, and there is even once small (and dramatic) arc near the end. I'm not asking for anything rushed or cut, sacrificing the nice character developmet given in order to get farther in the story. The problem is that I read ahead in the manga, and realized that the plot of Mob is essentially very extreme character developments in each plot line, and that one or two characters face a critical hole in the way they had been living, leading them to re-evalute their moral standards. This is done in an almost nonchanlant comedic way. For example, the answer to socially awkward Mob's problems often is relatively simple. The common line for people that have super powers is that they're not supposed to hurt others weaker than them and stuff like that unless there's no helping it, so when the OP MC looks around him, there is only people weaker...and he's kinda just too afraid/cowardly to use his OP powers and accidentally kill someone. Which, considering what happens when he reaches 100%, is a reasonable fear. This is actually a good thing, not a problem, but it does create a slight bias in my opinion as I know the story will continue to deliver dramatic story arcs centered around psychological struggles like that but the anime only covers the first run in with 'claw', and a bit of character development for Kageyama Shigeo, dimple, and Teruki. It only had time to do a good job of scratching the surface. Basically, it's the usual issue with 12 ep. anime being short, and the fact that the plot of Mob Psycho is intermittant episodic ghosts and comedy, and action packed extreme psychological arcs with character development. It might seem close to a regular shounen with this latter 'action packed' and 'extreme' statement, but I think it's not quite as simple as that, and this is also why the show earns a psychological tag, because it leans more on that during the action packed scenes. Don't worry it's not just 'talk no jutsu' there's some actual fight scenes too (though they linger on the short side), but not quite as pure 'shounen' as normal. Overall, plot is good, but it starts slow with episodes of introducing characters (and some of the main cast) and mainly comedy, so it doens't dig deep with more psychological struggle until a bit later. Even so, the over arcing dry humor is likeable, and I enjoyed the rythmn that the series had throughout the whole show. A serious moment in the plot is often interrupted/trolled with snide comments from characters that are never serious (basically most of the main cast). This being said, plot seems to be the weakest point for me, as I know it gets better the more of the series you see, but the 12 ep. given is just the start of it.  Despite just stratching the surface, the plot is still quality. The fact it doesn't try to cram too much into 12 episodes isn't a bad thing. And the connected plot that emerges a little over half way through brings in character development for some of the characters. Honestly, pretty similar (plot pacing wise) to the first 12 ep. of My Hero Academia, which started by mostly introducing the characters and just stratching the surface of the main plot line (though it's getting another season). Animation 10/10: It was very nice, it flowed well and has more of a comic book style than othe anime. The only character that gets actual sparkly eyes is Tsubomi-chan, and she doens't even matter at this point. The characters actually are extremely expressive, with excessive amounts of sweat drops or negative lines, all in all it really worked with the extreme nature of the characters and the plot. Even the color scheme and shadowing seemed to enforce the extreme and occasionally psychological nature of the show, and I thought it worked really well for it.  Sound 10/10: This is mostly opinion, but I actually really liked the opening song, it was catchy and looked trippy, which made it pretty entertaining. Like the animation style, I felt that the sounds supported the silly/dry humor throughout the anime as well as the supernatural theme. To me the soundtrack in the show reminded me of Eyptian music for some reason....but with a supernatural theme in it. Characters 8/10: I really liked the characters, they aren't super complicated, but throughout the show they become more and more fleshed out. The amount of cast actually given depth is a nice chunk considering the 12 episodes. There's of course Mob (Kageyama Shigeo), Reigen Sensei, and Kageyama Ristsu (the brother). But then there's also Dimple, and even later interduced Teruki. Mob seems like the normal socially awkward boy, and the fact he doesn't talk much makes it harder to see what he really is thinking sometimes. He acts relatively emotionless until flustered. He's revealed to be dense and can even stubborn, but can also possess a dry sense of reality if he's not talking about himself. Overall, he's very passive in dire situations, and even his sense of morality can be easily shaken when he's stressed-something that will be addressed throught out the whole story. Overall a lot of the characters turn out to be angsty teenagers that have inferiority complexes (I can think of at least 3). What's even more interesting to think about is why Shigeo tries to suppress his feelings, and consequently how each of his 100% outbreaks vary based on his feelings at the time. You can also tell he has a slight inferiority complex, but that will pale in comparison to his brother, which was given a really nice chunk of time to be fleshed out from the one dimensional 'nice younger brother' cut out. Dimple is one of the most crafty next to Reigen, but turns out to be rather kind hearted and almost innocent despite his rude character entrance. Reigen is a con artist on some levels, and manipulitive of Mob. However, he is also shown to be extremely wise/useful at somepoints while still remaining dense. At first I thought I would find him annoying, but he actually helped mentor Mob in some ways while still clearly being flawed himself. Teruki, who is introduced later, has a complete turn around as a character, but his violent tendencies show up again near the end of the show with him urging Mob to defeat the enemy with his powers--that it's the only way. There was also a low voiced narator that would explain thoughts in characters' heads, which was pretty funny sometimes as he sounded stark serious. The rest of the characters were rather simple, and didn't get as much time, but many of them were also interesting in their own way. Tsubomi, with little screen time was shown to be that prissy popular girl and not actually the 'perfect' girl due to a flashback Mob had about her. The body building club, school delinquents, and the president of the student council all had entertaining personalities as well, with an extra quirk or two. Overall 8/10:  For twelve episodes it was very entertaining, despite a relatively simple plot and characters. If you enjoy things like a supernatural/psychic theme, some extreme action, an OP MC, or a few psychological vibes you might enjoy this show.


Ok so this is my first review so please excuse the lack of professionalism lmao - Before anything I just want to start off by saying that if you're one of those people that immediately dropped / not even gonna give this this series a chance after only watching solely because of the animation being different then 1) that's shallow reasoning and 2) the animation is what makes this anime work. - Now that that's out of the way I want to direct this review to those who are planning to watch MP100 with an open mind. Like the majority, I learned about Mob Psycho 100 after watching One Punch Man, since they are made by the same creator: ONE. However, the common belief that MP100 is "OPM but with psychics" with only a few minor differences is an erroneous mentality when getting into this anime. Trying to compare it to OPM and expecting a similar story will only cause dissatisfaction and you won't be able to see it as its own individual series; it's in vain trying to do so. While OPM is its predecessor, Mob Psycho is overall very different from it. For one, it's considerably much more in-depth and deals with darker themes than OPM does. While they may be highly unlike each other, they still possess that type of 'vibe' ONE implements in all his series. So if you're planning to watch MP100, keep in mind that like OPM, it's not the average shounen yet is also not some derived version of OPM. STORY You all probably know at least know the basic summary of the story. It's basically about a sweet yet socially inept middle shcooler nicknamed Mob (due to him not standing out much) who is ostensibly "emotionless & average" on the surface, but is in fact an exceptional esper. With the help of a sweaty salt man his master and the friends he makes, he attempts to live a normal life and fit in, but if he ever has an emotional breakdown and reaches 100% in which then something happens. And that is the best spoiler-free gist of the plot I can give. For those who are currently on the first few episodes and are beginning to feel skeptical or think it's going 'too slow', I get it. I understand if the first few episodes might appear rather dull or stagnant because initially I was also in that position. However in episode 3, I can safely say this is the 'turning point' in which the story reveals its general dilemma. It is then that we as the audience know and care more about our protagonist as a person rather than simply as 'the awkward main character' presented in various series. The first couple of episodes serve their purpose as 'set up' and exploration for the cast, setting and events that will take place afterwards. Without spoiling, all I'm going to say is that in the 3rd episode you get a glimpse of the Mob's inner problems and understand more why he is the way he is. The main reason as to why it probably feels like the story's not progressing is because MP100 is a character-driven stroy, not plot-driven. There is no set-in-stone complicated plot; it's literally just going on a journey along with our MC Mob & co. and how he finds his place in the world. By the time the final arc in the anime rolls by, the core message would be put into play and everything that has lead up to that point will be comprehended more clearly. The ending of the first season might seem a bit anticlimatic to some due certain events, but rather than viewing it as such, it's a unique manner of dealing with issues shounen has come to normalize. What this series does best is subvert tropes and executing it naturally, rather than coming off as contrived. It may not be the ending we wanted, but it's better than what we expected. Sticking to its themes can get tricky at times but MP100 managed to do so proficiently. As a manga reader, I (along with other) can say others that the anime is actually a great adaption of the original source material. This is because the anime isn't a slave to the manga, directly copying it panel-to-panel like so many series do. Mob Psycho innovates. Studio Bones did animate the important content in from the source material, nonetheless they also added their own flair by being creative with the chronology of events. Of course not everything got to be included, and some parts were glossed over due to this being only 12 episodes, yet that's just a marginal issue compared to all the other aspects. This might not make much sense or be important to those starting the anime - this is merely a personal note - yet that gave the anime bonus points for being so inventive with it had to work with. The point is, just give it some time, it gets a lot more interesting. Everything might seem to go in a 'OPM direction' at first, but it's a pleasant surprise that it doesn't. So at the very least just give it a try and see for yourself. 😉  Subverts tropes. ANIMATION Ok so I know that this is probably what puts off some people the most since it breaks the stereotypical "anime style" animation, but let me just say that MP's animation is all part of it's charm and portrays the tone & everything extremely accurate. At first I kept thinking " Oh it looks like a cartoon lmao" but there's so much more to it than that. The history behind it goes something like this: So back in 2009 One Punch Man began publishing as a webcomic, not necessarily a manga. Webcomics are made in computer softwares while manga are hand-drawn, and do not have all the strict time-limit rules such as manga, which is more convenient for ONE since he isn't exactly a.. professional artist. He's trying ok?! Anyway in 2012 OPM was redrawn into an actual manga and during that same year, ONE started with Mob Psycho 100 as another webcomic. However unlike OPM in which it's anime copied the redrawn version's style, MP100 had not been redrawn so the anime stuck with ONE's art, which is why it looks the way it looks. The end.  I find it amazing how Studio Bones managed to make the animation fluent while staying true to the original source. 👌 Here's some examples on what I mean:      Beautiful~ *o* If you see the show you will understand. Dat sakuga tho, it's glorious~ And all the bright neon lights just.. hngh. The use of combining different mixed media animation makes for a unique & aesthetically pleasing view that stands out among the flock of anime that utilize the same art syle over and over again. I suck at explaining things so if you wanna get a better understanding of the animation for MP100 then I highly suggest watching this. Just pls do not let that of all things keep you from watching it. Oh, and to prove just how much love & effort Studio Bones put into this series, check out the last few minutes of ep. 12; they let ONE himself animate that part! That was great i actually cried rofl. ;") 🌟 #ONEsavedanime SOUND  Asjkl this frikkin' soundrack will be the death of me. The staff knows exactly which soundtrack to place that fits each scene's atmosphere so perfectly. I personally never felt as if a soundtrack ever felt out of place or didn't fit, not once. That's how good it is! Well at least imo. And the fact that the OP was made exclusively for the anime is a bonus. Both the OP and the ED were wonderfully made and sound great, and the OP specifically has a lot, and I mean a lot of hidden references to future arcs beyond what the anime has shown (it's basically a bunch of spoilers for anime-onlys lol). Crap I feel like I'm inclining more towards the animation part so I'll just say everything sounds great lmao. Also the VAs for this series do an amazing job like, all the changes in tones & how they portray the characters' emotions is just so well done~ ⭐ There's also an English Dub currently going on and it sounds great as well [so check that out too]👍 If you want to listen to the full soundtrack of MP100 you can do so here~ (my fav one is Mob Kanjou no Bakuhatsu, that stuff is lit) CHARACTERS  What I feel the Mob Psycho 100 anime did best along with the animation was it's characters & their development. I'll be honest here, it's extremely rare for me to actually love/care about everyone in the main cast in an anime. Like, I only really care about a few characters from the main cast and am indifferent to the rest 95% of the time, even in my other favorite anime. But in MP100 I literally loved everyone who is from the main cast, not kidding. By the time I finished the series I got attached to all of them and only wished for them to be have a happy end. I'll break the cast into sections: K so first we have Saitama's distant esper cousin who is too good for this crappy plane of existence, an angel straight from Heaven, who I'd die for 24851+ times, Mob; the protagonist 💙 Next we got a fake ass shady af con man who's so full of BS + throws salt everywhere and is always covered in his own frikkin' BO sweat (ew) and does that weird hand motion whenever this man speaks, the guy literally got an answer for everything & he be trolling tf out of everyone including the audience [this dude also has a meme made out of him LMAO], Ronald Reagan- crap i meant Reigen (our true prez); Mob's mentor And then we got an angsty emo edgelord who broods 24/7 and will fight the planet & happens to hate everything within it (except mob) but has a strange spoon obsession and writes in his diary (lmao), this dude actually thinks he can ruin people's lives & get away with it,, and the boi sulks & beats ppl up for fun, Ritz Crackers- damn i did it again, i mean Ritsu; Mob's bro We also have a walking fashion disaster sassy diva boy who dresses up in 90's clothes with a 10-ft tall Marge-looking wig & thinks he looks cool, he cocks his hips whenever he talks + goes pigeon-toed when he fights (who tf does that??), this boi is disturbingly extra,,, he be acting all buddy-buddy with mob after literally trying to kill him before, he humiliates his opponents, and even burns a man to death cuz why not, Turkey- lmao nah i mean Teruki; Mob's bestie And lastly there is a nasty-looking floating green orb ghost thingy who wants to be worshipped or some crap (even tho he's already dead lol) but is actually just Mob's errand boy, he be wanting to "borrow" little boys' bodies to reach his goal or smth (sound familiar?) even tho Mob, Teru, & Ritz all beat his ass/told him off,, Dimple; the show's 'mascot' 👻 Oh dam i almost forgot, there is also this carrot fire head boy who appears in the last 3 episodes who seems like a minor character but becomes more significant in the manga by burning ppl's houses so.. watch out for him in the near future,, the boy who suddenly became gay intrigued by the Ritz boi & beat that one bad guy at the end, Shoe- fine whatever i mean Shou; that boy who seems minor but is actually not There, I just broke down the main cast for you, you're welcome. If i hadn't made it clear enough, Mob (his real name is Shigeo but no one actually calls him that lol) is definitely my fav character, he's just the most precious thing ever pls protect him (i know he's OP and can defend himself just fine but he's the type to only fight back in extreme emergencies ;-; ). But Reigen comes in riiight after Mob~ I'd give my life for them all.  OK but objectively speaking, every character has their own fair share of spotlight & development in those 12 episodes and it isn't all just about Mob and Reigen. They had development while their character remained constant & their personalities were still the same all the way through (episode 8 made me cri yo 😭) So yea I really appreciate that stuff done well in anime :") OVERALL Anyway I hope this wasn't excessively long I just wanna get my point across with how Mob Psycho 100 rly is such a great and unique anime you should at least give a try! :) - Although, I do have one teensy-weensy little criticism if I reallly try to nit-pick. As much as I love & praise MP100, it felt as if during that one arc between ep. 6-8 (Big Cleanup Arc btw) kinda skipped a lot of minor but significant little details which I feel could've made the characterization and arc as a whole even better. And then during the transition between arcs in the middle of ep. 8 felt a bit too... abrupt, almost rushed IMO. I dunno, I just felt as if ep. 7 should've been split into 2 episodes for all the content it contained. Actually it's not just during that arc, but throughout the series various short scenes (important or not) were shortened or outright cut off, which is ultimately why I gave the Story department a 9.5,,, ajslf i'm so sorry. 😭 (personal enjoyment-wise is def an 11/10 but that's subjectively speaking) But hey,, that's basically the only complaint I have and it's basically just a personal preference since it actually did follow the manga. What we got was still pretty good anyway! -  As a manga reader I was blown away with how Studio Bones made the anime so loyal to the manga yet didn't become a slave to the original source, which is what makes a series good! Even as a non-manga reader or non-anime fan, it's still a pretty enjoyable series to watch. Like literally I could watch this series 100 times and still not get bored or dropping in quality after each time. *~* Yes, it's one of those series. This was definitely my favorite Summer 2016 series no contest & is tied with Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S2 as my fav 2K16 anime. 👏 This whole series simply breaks the "norm" in anime in many good ways! So go watch MP100 right now. Not a week from today, not tomorrow, not an hour from now,, watch it right now. You'd be surprised by just how many feels you'd experience that by the end you'd be like this: OK thanx 4 reading have a nice day~  👋

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