Gugure! Kokkuri-san

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2014
3.809 out of 5 from 5,736 votes
Rank #2,090

The protagonist is an elementary student girl Kohina Ichimatsu who lives alone. One day she summons a fox spirit named Kokkuri-san by a seance game with the same name. He was first intended to possess her, but instead, he decides to manage the household like her mother. The story revolves around a little strange daily life of them with two more other animal spirits, Inugami (dog) and Shigaraki (raccoon dog).

Source: Crunchyroll

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What I Liked: Kohina. The saga of Female!Kokkuri-san. The ending theme, and the piano arrangement of said theme in episode 8. Tama, despite her personality. Appealing character designs with the right amount of traditional and bishounen / bishoujo elements. Episode 11, for being an interesting change of pace. Shigaraki, despite being a drunkard and a crook. Kohina's speech patterns are incredibly cute, much like her insistence of her non-human status. What I Didn't: Sex jokes, sex jokes everywhere. All the mononoke are actually downright creepy (in a latent criminal sense) in some respect, but Inugami especially takes this up to eleven. "Idealised" Kohina (e.g. the non-chibi Kohina) looked a lot older than she should've. Episode 11, for introducing the overt pedophile Tengu. Did rely on obligatory episode formats (e.g. Onsen, Christmas/New Year) and a few tired tropes (magical gender-swapping and age regression). Occasional pacing issues where some skits felt longer than they should've.Final Verdict: This self-styled "fluffy comedy" spends much of its run-time dancing within the bounds of the playfully indecent, with most of the adult characters in the series being depicted as lecherous, dishonest or just plain creepy towards the prepubescent Kohina. It also spends a lot of time steeped in tired tropes and tripping over it's own pacing. But it's not all bad - the animation is nice, the character designs are quite pleasing and Kohina herself is a cute (if not occasionally macabre) delight.

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